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Another week has gone by and it’s time for me to face up to the reality of writing. I have some topics left from what I was going to write about next week and I probably weave them into the narrative as we say.

This week has been a lot more positive than the prior. Probably in no small way helped by the fact that finally(!) we got some decent weather. Seems spring has arrived and while the evening chill has been still overly present, the days are nice enough to dress lightly and sit in the last rays of the day, savouring an nice glass of wine or two, we got to celebrate this and since research has shown that wine lessens the chances of arthritis, better save than sorry. Bring on the summer I say.

The bad side of how my mind works. There is, I think no surprise to be found among the people who know me well, that at the best of times, my mind is rather weird and I am apt to come out with silly things sometimes. But i digress I was joking with my wonderful friend Mara about writing about the “bonds” market she totally ruined the joke for me, but that’s okay, I kind of do like it at the same time that she got where my mind was going. But since then I wanted to type the following sentence: “In the Bond market, Pierce Brosman is at an all time high”. This is from the very amusing Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie sketch named “Paul Financials report”.

Speaking of things on my mind. One of the things that has occupied mine recently is the nature of our language. How we write it and how we use it. So I decided to write about it this week and explore my thoughts and feelings on this subject…


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Language in BDSM

We all use language, that is pretty much a given and I am not even going to argue that point. Our communication exists part in spoken and part in non spoken language, the often so-called body-language, or better perhaps named as non-verbal communication.

I want to talk about verbal communication and exactly that as it pertains to BDSM, as much as in the spoken as in the written word. Especially in on-line environments, the assumption is made that written language is much the same as spoken language and people are given a ‘virtual voice’ by the way they type.

So tonight,  we’ll have a look at language. What does it means for us, what does it do for us and with us, in short .. what is the power of language?

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