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There are so many things I would like to write about, that my mind is almost positively overflowing with ideas or at least with things I want to write about. There is an answer that I want to pen down at some time in response to Miss Anne’s blog who wrote a blog with five question a prospective dominant could ask of a submissive. I have the blog marked in my RSS reader, so I will definately come around to that at some point.

Then there is still the promised blogs on the consequences of saying yes or no too eagerly and too ready, a follow up blog on the rights of submissives. Which is going to be an interesting one to write but it also requires me to have a bit more creative energy to contemplate and our my heart into it.

And last but not least there is the blog I want to write to Second Life restraints. It will serve as a good introduction for those new into this world and hopefully at some time a good way to hold a discussion on this subject. And while that is an relative easy in writing, I still need to have the time to sit down and do it because it will be no doubt a lengthy one. Possibly rivalling my longest blog (which features at three thousand eight-hundred words).

Tonight however, I think I am not going to write about these. I know! I know! I keep promising them and I keep putting them off. I am really sorry but life is just sometimes like that and I promise you that I will get around to them, one day, sooner or later (okay, granted, possibly later). But …


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As promised tonight, and I eventually always keep a promise. Even if that takes a while of getting around to getting my mind sorted. As I have promised since a while back, while admittedly without giving any reference to a time frame or anything, I wanted to write a blog about what happens when you are suddenly left without your dominant.

now while that sounds like a rather heavy introduction, I want to state before hand, that this is not dealing with the grieving process by a bereft partner. This blog will also not talk about what happens when a partner leaves you. While both are undoubtedly topics that are topics that are worthwhile writing about, they are perhaps a bit heavy for me to tackle in a single session. Maybe one day I shall, but somehow I really hope not. The biggest question which must lie upon everyone lips must thus be; “So what is this blog about, then?

First of all, this is a blog that deals with a situation that is far more unique in a virtual world enviroment, then it is in Real Life. Although I have no misgivings that the same probably to a degree also happens in our daily lives, as horrific and sad such a thing may be. But life imitates art and vice verse after all.

So, as many a curious reader will want to know, what is the blog about. Sit back, put your feet up and let me tell you.

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I am a fan of science fiction. While I shamefully can not remembering reading any Asimov (something that I am determined to redeem myself in, along with some of the works of Robert Heinlein), I am of course more than familiar with his name and his influence on the genre and some of his work such as his laws on robotics.

One of the earliest books that I read was fantasy, follow shortly at a young age reading several stories by Sir Arthur C. Clarke, that made a more than lasting impression. In that sense I owe a great gratitude that my parents are just as avid reads as I am, in fact I more thankful for surely inheriting  their love for reading and their love for hoarding books. Still today, I am not considering a visit home to be a proper visit unless I come home with several books that I took from them.

So fantasy and science-fiction has been a large part of my life and I suspect it will always be. So what has inspired this blog, which seems take another different tack then other blogs dealing with the alternative lifestyle as such? Well in short the title of this blog should have been a big clue for the science fiction inclined…. but for those not in the know, the blog post is about the British Science Fiction show, Doctor Who.


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I have decided to write this blog post,because I am getting pretty much fed up with explaining things to people about how my situation is and defending my choices and actions. Really..

If you have been giving this link by me,there is a reasonably large chance that I think it was easier for you to read this, rather than once again type everything out. However, there is also the chance that I just wanted to share you with this because I value your opinion, or you are a friend. And of course there is my score of normal blog readers.

Since I do not want to end up with Repetitive Strain Injury or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and hate repeating myself, please allow me to explain how this all works and fits together:

Our infrastructure may be somewhat different than what you are used to. You may find this silly, covalent, but the truth of the matter is, the situation is how it is and while perhaps this may change in the nearby future, right now that is not an option. So your opinion about this is duly noted and filed away with the same due care and attention that I plan to give it. In case you need a clue; this means pretty much none whatsoever.

So let me explain how the typical British infrastructure with regards to telephone line works:

Anything inside the home, is my problem. This starts at what is called the master box, which is where the telephone line from the outside terminates inside of house.

The whole infrastructure belongs to British Telecom (or BT for short and from here on out). This is due to historical reasons. Now when the market opened BT needed to split this off and leashed the actual care and maintenance to their subsidiary called BT OpenReach. Pretty much de facto, they own the telephone poles, the lines, the switches and the exchanges and the land those exchanges are standing on.

BT OpenReach has to allow others access to their infrastructure to have a fair market and with this I mean other telephone companies and Internet service and access providers. However we are not allowed (by law) to mess with the outside phone lines or the master-control box.

For this an BT OpenReach engineer needs to be booked, and they are ferociously expensive. You are talking roughly about £ 130,- as a call out charge and about £ 60-70,- for the first hour. And they prefer tea and biscuits.

So for those saying that it should be fixed sooner; unless you are willing to pay me the money to get a BT OpenReach engineer out, per directly with priority; please understand this:

At the moment, my ISP is asking me to perform some rudimentary test because we need to find out where exactly the problem is. This is in some ways hindered by the fact that a large part of my wiring is either seriously out of date (you are talking about 20+ years old and for those in the know, I have an LTJ 2/1A master control box instead of NTE5) and possibly illegally placed to boot.

Add to that that the line is laying across a neighbours roof. There is a very large chance an OpenReach engineer will take one look at it and decide that this is not correct and rewires the whole lot and charge me for the privilege of doing so. Which in turn means that I need to rewire half of my telephone lines.

Considering the economic climate (it is now officially called a triple dip recession), I hope you really do not mind that I first try and exhaust all the possible tests my ISP gives me before I get to the point of shelling out the money. Again, if you are not paying for this, you get your opinion but that is about all.

For those saying that I need to actually demand my money back, I think the old Internet adage really applies: IANAL (I am not a lawyer), but some people really say I should be one and could be a good one; so let me explain a little bit how Terms of Services (TOS from here on) in these cases are usually worded.

It is not a stretch of the imagination that; that the TOS has something among the lines that creates the obligation of the ISP to provide me with an Internet connection. Now considering that most of the time I actually get an IPv4 route-able Internet address I am sure that their lawyers could be argue the case that that part of their obligation is fulfilled and that while they had hoped to give me a faster speed over my line, they are not contractually obliged to do so and as things stand it is a best effort only. The only thing my contract actually says that I am allowed unlimited usage, without a fair usage policy. There is nothing saying that that unlimited means I have to have a serious fast speed.

Then there is of course the argument that I should just change Internet providers. Sadly, most of us here are tied in 12 or 24 month contracts initially. This is so the Internet providers can ensure that they have a reasonable return on investment in what by no doubt is a highly competitive market. Yes, you can get rolling contracts that are month by month but the downside is you pay for that (ie the monthly fee is much higher). Plus my ISP allows me to make world wide calls for pretty much next to nothing. And that is something that most other providers don’t offer. So changing the service is really not an option at this point.

So yes, my Internet is extremely slow. Yes it is extremely annoying. Yes, I wish it was fixed and, yes I am taking steps to fix the situation. But those steps take time and money.

So please bear with me and please excuse this rant, it’s just been one of these days but sometimes I get tired of typing the same thing over and over and over and over again. And you should all know me, if my Internet was fixed I would be the first to scream out in pleasure so you all could hear.

Please excuse my rant posting …
regular blogging shall now commence


edited: 03-02-2013 / 00:39 – added paragraph about switching service

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