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As many know, my preparation process for writing often exist on the clues or situations that I run up against either in Second Life or in real life. I gather my ideas from that and then procrastinate for hours on end while I let the tension of approaching deadlines and the lack of words stir me into action. Often my procrastination leads me to either youtube or Wikipedia, because hours can be wiled away there.

But sometimes youtube searches and Wikipedia wanders lead to funny results [1] and a great way to introduce a blog post. Tonight while I was watching some videos I came across something that I had not seen in a long time a Terrence Hill and Bud Spencer video, purely by accident. Now Terrence Hill looked familiar but because I could not find the movie I was thinking off. So I googled a bit around and eventually came across the movie I was looking for, “The World of Don Camillio“, a great comic story of a priest in a communist Italian village.

And then it struck me. A young Terrence Hill would have made an excellent Søren Stearns, (albeit it would be a bit type cast), one of the main characters of the Original Sinners book-set by none other than the exquisite Tiffany Reisz. So why does this lead me to an intro, it is because to an extend I have become annoyed with most of the writing premise in the amount of bdsm related fiction that floods the market.


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Well first of all, as I alluded to last week, this week was our anniversary and timing, often our great nemesis and that of countless other relationships in Second Life and long distance pairings, was on our side. We got to spend a glorious evening together.

As many of you may know, I have a curfew during the week. But on Friday and Saturday this curfew is extended by two hours to account for the weekend and to give me a bit more freedom to go to events and the such, although truth to be told a lot of her curfew time on Saturday is taken up by blogging.

But not last night. We had all the time in the world and also, I managed to spot the exact time (both while we were in world and that of four years ago in my log-files) that she collared me. I know that most people find that silly but that is just how my mind works, such dates and times, are for me, fixed points and I find them important and endearing to be reminded by.

So we spend a wonderful evening together. Mostly her gushing over the various items that I had recently bought in Second Life, the new *KaS* catsuit, the mittens from Restrained Freedom and some various other stuff; especially the Restrained Freedom Gag, which had the pet mode enabled. *coughs and blushes*, yes that she would most adorable and made me entirely turn fifty shades of red. Proof that embarrassment is not restricted to calling someone names.

However, I shall not only be all lovey-dovey in my blog (while that is of course entirely my prerogative, but I shall dispense with some of my usual opinionated advice about things I ran across and thought them worth writing about. The two items I want to touch upon tonight are close to each other and have both to do with communication.  And this time the communication is from the submissive point of view rather than a combined viewpoint.

But the two items:

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Today’s blog might be just a rambling sense of quite probable disjointed subjects at best loosely connected through vicarious ramblings from my poor mind. The reason for this is that this has been a heavy week and I am not currently all that brilliant, although a couple of days rest when I return to my home by Sunday will more then likely see me right.

But write I must so write I shall. On the topic of last week, I think after having written it, I found a new definition of panic. Realising that; when you schedule a post to be published, realising that on the night itself the blog has not posted and being stuck with Internet that is slower than a lame AOP postal pigeon ith a wing-twitch that is on strike and a tea break. It meant a last minute dash and scramble in the middle of the night to make sure the post got eventually pushed out. I made it but not without, shall we say, an exercise in speaking French like a person involved in the maritime profession.

On a more interesting note, while trying to get my blog posted I got an email from the powers that be, in this case wordpress, to congratulate me on the fact that I have been blogging for six years now. And how time flies. And while I know that for a majority of that time my blog has been inactive with only a sporadic update here and then, loyal followers know for the last year and a half, I have been faithfully writing pretty much every week.

So in a way that is a celebratory event of course. And that ties in with my next bit. It’s only a week to go before Mistress and I will have been together for four years. Well, we have been together for longer, but since humans (and nekos alike) have a ingrained desire to make anniversaries something that is fixed I am taking the date of her collaring me as our anniversary date. And four years, especially in a world such as Second Life is a long time. As she pointed out, I have been hers for over the half of my second life. yay! But without a shadow of a doubt it will be something I shall write more next week about.

In other news …


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Today’s blog, written on the eve of the of the day before, due to me travelling, is going to a fun mismatch of various topics that have streamed across my conscious in the last week. Either inspired by my time talking to people in Second Life, in my real life community or as seen on FetLife or Reddit.

First of all, while actually reading Fet or FL as it is called for short, although I always get confused with that acronym as it is used in Second Life with the meaning of “first life”. But I digress, as I was saying when browsing Fetlife this evening I saw the news that Gord, the man who was behind the website houseofgord.com and I would say at the forefront of the phorniphilia movement, has passed away at the age of 67. I am going to post the announcement here ad literatim:

On the evening of September 3rd, 2013 we lost a master, a hero, and a true artist in every sense of the word. His lover Femcar was with him till the very end, although not by his side. She was in her proper place, on her knees naked, below his desk. He burst through our world, larger than life, lived and died on his own terms. He will truly be missed, and his art will live on forever.

I am sure that there are many people both in the virtual world and in the real world who over the course of years have been inspired and influenced by Gord and his works of arts. While I don’t know Gord in person I was very much aware of his work and some of it actually resonated within me, this of course playing nicely into my likes of restrictions. What’s for sure is that he will be missed. My thoughts, and with me more than likely many others go out to his loved ones and families. Requiescat in pace.


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While the title may be confusing this is not a post about people who go completely over the top within the scene and display a certain flair of showmanship when it comes to applying their craft.

I have to admit that while talking about this subject with my friend Mara, I just had to add the above disclaimer. With some people; well I guess the old adage “with friends like these who needs enemies” at times may be true.

There comes a time often within bdsm that we, as a submissive, are taken out into the wide world. Whether that be to a vanilla outing or a kink oriented one, often the outing comes for the submissive to be on their best behaviour.  And of course this makes sense. After all, at least in my view, our behaviour reflects directly on our Mistress/Master and on their training and guidance of us.

However as I am planning to show in tonight’s blog, there are very many ways of showing off a submissive, perchance even some that do not require the dominant to be present, but I think it really is fair to say that within BDSM there are many ways and possibilities of showing off a submissive.

Apart from talking about about what different forms and/or ways there are of showing off a submissive, I want to see if I also can touch upon the subject of what showing off actually could achieve, not only for a submissive but also for the dominant and for the relationship.

So let’s have a look and let me show off my knowledge (see what I did there!?)

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