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A year …

How much can change in a single year …

A lot it seems. I know I largely have been quiet here, having neither felt the need or the inspiration to put my thoughts to the virtual paper. But today, of all days .. I want to write. *smiles*

The story really starts, over a year ago about 4 months earlier to be exact. A chance meeting again, perhaps. But we got talking, just short IM’s here and there. And over time those grew out to longer messages.

I took the step forward of asking her if we could exchange friendship. A moment that felt like an eternity passed. My heart beating in my chest. But oh the happiness when she agreed.

From then on, things slowly changed, we started to talk more and more and deeper about the things that interested us, where to go. It soon became quite clear what the future was going to be. I happily sat at her feet, listening, explaining and talking the hours away.

Then .. a year ago. After having been shopping, we went to a quiet Sim and sat down, and talked, freely, openly. For perhaps the first time and last time completely equal. And it felt so weird. It was needed. We talked quietly and laughed. One of the things I have always loved about Her is the dry sense of humour and wit she can display.

And then the moment was there, I knelt before her and she held the collar out and I slipped it around my neck. I bend my head forward and lifted the hair clear as she performed the final act …. and locked the collar around my neck.

That ….was a year ago.

A year has since come and gone and I am still hers. And I am still happy. Very much so. And there are things I never expected, she taught me how to dress extremely well. And worst of all .. she taught me to like pink … and not forcibly, but subtly like water flowing. *shakes her head and smiles*.

I am sure that I come across as a lovestruck kitten, but it’s been a wonderful years. With some downs and a lot of ups and at her feet. I think I have learned, grown. At least, I like to think I have.

I have not much more to say, except this: I am looking forward to the next year at her heel, being and learning, and that over the time we might grow closer and closer, and learning and enjoying each other more…

I leave you with the following words, directed at Her … my Mistress …

Thank you for a wonderful year,
Thank you for looking after me,
Thank you for guiding me,
Thank you for teaching me,
Thank you for training me

but above all

Thank you
for allowing me to be yours.
your girl, your kitten, yours..


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