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Well after quite a hiatus of a couple of months…

Here is the fifth chapter in my work in progress story; “Self Control“. I was not entirely sure what to write this time around and since I did not want to freestyle it again, nor did I feel in the mood to research a subject or answer a load of submissive prompts (even though they do write remarkably easy); so I decided to dust of my characters and try to write another chapter.

And of course I want to thank my proof readers (you know who you are) for helping me point out some flaws in my sentence structures. I know I sound grumpy about this at times (oh how frail the ego of an writer is), but I am thankful for your time and help. Any mistakes in this story are purely my own.

This chapter was somewhat more difficult to write as it was really meant as a reflective, interim chapter that is sort of a filler between two parts of the story. Still I hope I pulled it off enough with enough of an insight into some of the characteristics and the world our protagonist lives in.

As per usual; my stories are published under the:

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

I really do hope you like it, please any comments, constructive and otherwise are very welcome…


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Tonight, while once again, I was lacking more or less direction of what to write. I actually have some ideas on file, but as usual they do require a certain measure of research into the subject. And with being short changed on time this week, research is one of the things that sadly (and perhaps wrongly) slipped. But such is the nature of the beast.

So here I was sitting in my office and pondering what to write about and as usual there are three sort of options available for me at such a time: a) as always I can go back to writing more in the saga (said she modestly) that is “Self Control“, but I have not found a way forward with this yet.  b) Freestyle it c) find some other solution, usually in the way of some prompting or meme post.

And C, tonight is the choice for this blog. However instead of some meme I decided to visit the submissive prompts website and look if I could find some suitable topics to write about. Perhaps one, perhaps two or more, depending quite how the mood takes me. The topic so far covered in this blog-post will be:

(I hope the links work, wordpress.com seems to have a habit of deleting the <a id=””> tags on random,)
(i do apologise)

So, yes those are a very wild varied amount of topics, perhaps all of them worthy of their own blog-post in the future, but for now I shall start with answering them as best as I can:


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Rememberance Sunday.

Today in the United Kingdom, and in most of the commonwealth it is Remembrance Day. Or also known as Armistice Day (or occasionally more informal poppy day). This day is celebrated or rather perhaps, used to remember those of the armed forces, who passed away and giving the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty. A day that I think we should stand still by and reflect on that what we have and how we got here.

This year, Remembrance Sunday (the day where the officially remembrance ceremonies take place), and Remembrance Day (the 11th of November) fall on the same day. Normally if it is during a weekday, the weekend before Remembrance Day, the ceremonies take place.

Here in the UK, we have two ceremonies, On the Saturday evening; there is the Festival of Remembrance on the Saturday evening. A very special and emotional celebration, done with dignity, honour and decorum. Apart from reading poems, and music, servicemen and women from every branch, whether that be military or civilian branches attached to the armed forces. They are all represented. The most famous poem read, is probably that by Laurence Binyon; For the Fallen:

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
We will remember them.

The last line, is repeated by all those present. This poem is read almost at the end of the Festival, after which poppies fall from the ceiling. Each poppy stands for a life lost in the wars. The sheer amount of poppies that falls never fails to impress me. This is then followed by the national anthem and three cheers for her Majesty, the Queen. All in all, as I have said, a very touching ceremony.

On Remembrance Sunday, wreaths across the country and world are laid at memorials. The most famous ceremony in England being the Cenotaph in Whitehall in London.Again the Queen presides over this ceremony. Still always a very moving ceremony.

Yes I know I am a soppy sod, but I was raised on these kind of things and now later in my life I find them comforting and worth remembering those that died for others. Whether that be fighting for our freedom, or fighting for other peoples freedom. They should be honoured.

As I mention the poppies several times, the poppy is a national symbol in the UK and Commonwealth for Remembrance Day. The inspiration for the poppy came from Canadian physician and Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae’s poem “In Flanders Fields“:

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

I know this is a bit more serious topic and a bit more aimed at the current reality of life, but I wanted to at least explain and write about this. The first world war is slowly fading into history and there are less and less people alive that have actually fought in the Great War (To dispel a myth, it wasn’t called the Great War because they were all having such a jolly good time. The scale of the war was unbeknownst then and it was truly thought that once this would all be over, there would be no more war. It was the War to end all wars.)

And I think it is important, to stand still, even if it is just two minutes per year. And think of those we ask to go out and fight. Young people, mostly boys (average age of a soldier here is about 19-20). They leave as young people but come home forever changed. And that is … if they come back at all.

So please, wherever you are in the world. Take a moment of silence and remember those who gave their life for what you have, freedom to be, freedom to express yourself and free from oppression. I know I will. As for tomorrow:

I will remember them.

Stay Safe,

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So, as promised a while back and keeping putting off, today I want to show you my cottage in Second Life. The cottage is named “Laurel” and from the (have I said this before?) brilliant design from the folks over at { What Next }. It’s a small one bedroom cottage and it’s situated on a high pad in the air and gives me a place to be, to work, to write (yes I am actually writing this from my ‘office’ as you can see later).

As you probably can remember, I used to have a self built home, based on a freebie home modded pretty much to beyond recognition. It was fun, but Second Life being Second Life, at one point when I tried to rez the house after I per accidental had returned it to my inventory, decided that it needed eating and gone it was.

For a while after that the house more or less (mostly a lot more) resembled a building site with a rubble pit. It was mostly an open air design with some large building blocks strewn around for effect and basically because I wanted not to to have the parcel all that empty.

As you know, Mistress, after me asking and her checking out { What Next }, she graciously gave me the permission to build a new place for myself. Thank you Mistress! Of course there is the stipulation that while the place now looks absolutely charming and darling, this will not be, not now, nor ever, be my home. It’s my cottage, my crash-pad, my whatever-you-want to call it, but most definitely it is not my home in any shape or form. That, home, is our place together.

So what does my new cottage look like? Let’s have a look shall we?

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