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It’s been a hectic couple of days, in fact this whole week feels like I have been running from one end to the other without actually getting a little bit of a breather. Although if I would look back, it probably has not been all that busy more then usual. Most of all I was occupied with trying to repair a windows pc. How on earth do people live with this kind of thing! *shakes her head*

Of course, as always, I managed to hit more then my fair share of few snags. Which for a person who works with computers for a living, makes it just all the more frustrating when a system does not confirm to what my mind thinks it should do, or what I am expected that a system should do.

But after a disturbed night (no, not in that way), I managed to knuckle down and just get it finished on time. Still the time I have spend fighting the system is, not time I spend relaxing and unwinding.

The sad fact of the matter however is that it (and some other happenstances) left me rather out of sorts on a day that I normally should feel relaxed and able to write. Hence now I am rather quite late, just pouring my thoughts out on paper…


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There are something in this world that entirely annoying. For example realising that you have only rather as recent as late March, early April have touched exactly on the same subject as you wanted to write about. While I am not entirely beyond reusing topics when the mood suits me, after all, there is ample of evidence to find in this blog to back that up.

However, while I reuse topics, I prefer not to do that so close together and rather leave a suitable time between the various entries. After all, at the current rate I am blogging that can mean it is anywhere from between twenty-four and fifty-two different blog entries.

So that means, that my planned blog entry for today, over education, will be a bit pushed backward. And that is awkward. I had even a plan sitting around or at least the beginning of a plan. With the planning however out of the way, this means I have to come up with something else.

This of course is not helped by the fact, that spring has truly arrived and while I am sitting here pounding away at my keyboard, outside the sun is scorching down under a clear blue sky. This all is somewhat of a pull that desires me to head out into town, find a lovely pub with a nice shaded garden and spend the afternoon there. Sure, I could bring my laptop with me, or even my tablet and write there, but, as the latin maxim goes “Nosce te ipsum”, or know thyself. I know myself therefor just well enough that if I am in a beer garden enjoying beer, that writing will soon be the last thing on my mind. Therefor this will not do.

So, what are we going to write about this afternoon?

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As promised tonight, and I eventually always keep a promise. Even if that takes a while of getting around to getting my mind sorted. As I have promised since a while back, while admittedly without giving any reference to a time frame or anything, I wanted to write a blog about what happens when you are suddenly left without your dominant.

now while that sounds like a rather heavy introduction, I want to state before hand, that this is not dealing with the grieving process by a bereft partner. This blog will also not talk about what happens when a partner leaves you. While both are undoubtedly topics that are topics that are worthwhile writing about, they are perhaps a bit heavy for me to tackle in a single session. Maybe one day I shall, but somehow I really hope not. The biggest question which must lie upon everyone lips must thus be; “So what is this blog about, then?

First of all, this is a blog that deals with a situation that is far more unique in a virtual world enviroment, then it is in Real Life. Although I have no misgivings that the same probably to a degree also happens in our daily lives, as horrific and sad such a thing may be. But life imitates art and vice verse after all.

So, as many a curious reader will want to know, what is the blog about. Sit back, put your feet up and let me tell you.

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I have been thinking what to blog about all week. As I mentioned I have started to keep better track on what I want to write about, so the pressure is a little bit off in that regard. But there remains a large difference between the words written down when the inspiration strikes me, and actually working them out in a full time blog.

The result of that is that I have been struggling a little bit with how to give one of my blogs form and shape, although thanks to various discussions today, it is getting a little bit closer to the point of where I can sit down and hash out the thoughts in my head into a worthy blog post.

So with that came the question if I am not going to write about my intended subject, what will I write about then instead. Luckily the rescue this week came by the way of one of Strawberry Signh’s blogging challenges, and having blogged rather a lot lately (if nothing else in word count, since I still keep rigorously to my one blog a week so far) I thought it would be a nice change of pace if I blogged about something a little bit lighter this week before diving back into some more serious content next week.

This blogging challenge is really a follow up from her “Why do I Blog?” challenge which was last year in April and in which I also participated.Gosh, how times does fly in a year! So the format is pretty much as per usual; Ten different questions, answered truthfully and to the best of my abilities.


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