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Butt surely!!

Some people are just so darn helpful. 🙂 It seems that there is a meme going around the Internet these days which was started by Marnix Malifozik, who wanted to start a meme and see how far he could run with it. This was in turn picked up on the New World Notes blog. And thus the wildfire started to spread.

So, that’s what it is about. Pictures of your backside, but in a still sexy and tasteful fashion. And, well after much pushing from both Velicia and Vanni, I have decided to go along with this and the result is below:

Nekkid but tasteful butt - I

Nekkid but tasteful butt - I

Both pictures are taken at Sin Lab in the Circe Sim

Nekkid but tasteful butt - II

Nekkid but tasteful butt - II

I think this is the first time I have posted some naked pictures of me (yes, I am *that* shy). But for all it’s worth …

Obligatory butts:

I hope you enjoy. 🙂



[*] – Edit: Linked the pictures properly this time so it all can be seen “up close and personal

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