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What a week. It has been thoroughly warm and pretty much what could be classed as a heatwave. Stuck in the basement of an old building has not helped matters much, despite having numerous fans and light clothing. It’s been entirely too warm for comfort. Luckily the weekend has brought a little bit of respite with one of the most awesome thunderstorms.

Did I see it? No, in spite of everything it did wake me up but all I did was more or less roll over and go back to sleep. So much for that. Having read the reports the next day I did feel bummed out that I did not roll out of bed and go and watch it. Such is life i suppose.

As for this weeks blog, this consist of more questions. Well less then I had planned because some of them took a long while to pen out. Strange, that I keep using to pet out while I have not been near a single pen while writing this. Much easier to write 1600 odd words by simply bashing them out onto a keyboard.

However, back to the topic at hand. As I said, questions. From the nine originally chosen questions, I have narrowed it down to five and then given time constraints and length wise made the call to stick with three. However do not despair the other will follow in the weeks to come.

I am trying my best to keep the various questions at least confined to a little bit of a topic, so this weeks will deal with D/s relationships, making them work (to an extent) and moving to real life, at least the questions seems to pertain to that. So let’s see!


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A week down the road and the March Blogger Q&A has officially come to an end. I thank you all for those who have participated and asked me questions, whether that was through Second Life, through e-mail, or in the comments sections. Admittedly, I am more then a little surprised that compared to other blogs, the amount of personal questions so far have been minimal, or perhaps better phrased down-right absent. But who knows in the coming years they will come.

As promised this week, I am to write about tasks and how one can successfully apply tasks into a BDSM relationship. It’s not the first time I have written about tasks (see my blogs “Setting tasks within relationships“, “More about setting tasks in d/s relationships“, and “About setting tasks“). Needless to say, it seems that tasks is both a subject that remains to fascinate people and baffle them at the same time. Perhaps baffle is the wrong word to choose here. I think more than anything that people struggle coming up with tasks that are useful for a submissive and look for information and inspiration.

Not to mention that these blogs keep scoring consistently high across the board. Although saying that. I just have had a look at my stats. Just in, the all time highest search term for my blog with a total of 2,832 hits, is actually “butts“. You people have a seriously unhealthy fascination with my butt. All I can say: stay classy Internet, well played.

It is perhaps then with no great surprise that two of the question I have received for the March Blogger Q&A dealt with tasks and thus, as promised these will be the last one that I am going to answer.


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First of all before I delve into the this weeks topic I really want to thank you all, my dear readers for the wonderful responses and likes on my last blog post. It really warms the cockles of my heart to get such an overwhelming response.

One of my readers, Miss Charlotte The Harlot asked if I had ever written about the dynamics of Long distance BDSM relations with a focus on Master/slave relationships. And truth be told, no it is, I think a topic I have not written about a lot, although perhaps there are trends to be found in several blog-post that I have written in the last few years.

Even the munches I have held with Vanni, it’s not a topic we ever considered (hint), but perhaps who knows. However as you all know, I am so ready to please my readers that indeed the topic this week is about Long Distance Relationships.

A long distance relationship is, in terms of definitions, a relationship where you can’t easily pop around to see the next person, say within a days travel. Often in these times of Internet with its digital and virtual environments, these relationships are either spanning several states (in the case of the US), or even countries or intercontinental.

So what do you need to make such a dynamic work. What can you do to keep it ‘fresh and juicy’ as it were. What are your options and what are your limitations. How do you develop the dynamic and how do you deal with issues as after-care and sub-drop as well as punishments.

So let’s have a look, shall we?


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