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Well it seems the weather here will not abide by normal temperatures and so while in the sweltering heat, I am more and more tempted to go all writers-of-old-age and sit somewhere outside and sip either mint juleps or a nice mojito. Something tall and strong as the lyrics in the song goes.

In a suprise movement, while I was thinking about what to write, it seems that the the weather gods have heard me and decided to do something about the situation and we had thunderstorms and a torrential downpour pass through the area. The upside of this? It’s now a lot cooler, at least for the evening.

When I wrote my blog last week I made a promise, and for once I am going to write exactly about what I promised and well maybe a little bit more. I know big surprise  there, the least of all for me. But as promised, one of the things I wanted to talk to you about this week is punishment:

And not just punishment in the traditional sense about which I have written already several blog post about. To just quickly re-iterate, under traditional punishment, I mean the kind of punishment when you have broken the hard and fast rules your dominant has set. Not when you are playing and bantering around but if your dominant has said “never do X” and you still decide to do it and the result of that. For me traditional punishment while part and parcel of a healthy D/s relationship, is never fun. It’s not supposed to be, not for the submissive and not for the dominant, it is however to be for the greater good that is the relationship and to correct unwanted behaviour and help the submssive grow.

Often traditional punishment, takes the form of some form of corporal punishment (which in itself gives a varied amount of implements to choose from), combined with say corner time, writing lines or an essay, and the restrictions of certain gained rights.

However, there are always examples of misbehaviour that could require a dominant to think outside of the box with their punishments. Reasons for this could be that the submissive is not responding to the normal, say more traditional forms of punishments. A good example of this would be saying me and bondage. Bondage as punishment does not overly work because I just adore bondage that much. While there are certain tricks that can be deployed to make the situation uncomfortable, there is still that part in my mind that makes me crave it and to a small matter enjoy it. So bondage for me is not ever a punishment, but always given as a reward.

So as established in the previous paragraph, what if your traditional implements do not work on your submissive, or of course you want to change your tack a little bit or just surprise your submissive (if you are so evilly inclined). So what do I mean if I say, thinking outside the box on your punishment?

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Well greatest of all news, is that after last week, I am back. Wow, what a week it was. Travelling always takes it out on me. But combine the travelling with the emotion of the funeral as well as interacting with a lot of people, we have a rather large family means I am pretty wiped out (more about that later). As you perhaps noticed this blog is posted a bit later than usual (and definitely a lot later than the last two weeks).

Of course the heat has not helped a lot either, rending me pretty much like a smoked sauteed kitty. Yes I know it is summer but we here are not build to endure heat as some other countries may be. First of all air-conditioning is pretty rare except in office buildings, and most of our houses are actually build to keep heat in, rather than get rid of it. To give a bit of a more concrete example about this, most of our walls are anywhere between six and ten inches, with insulation in between.

We’re simply not used to it. Last summer was basically a complete drenched out affair and drowned half the country. It was then said that there was a good possibility that the next ten years (!) of summer would be the same. And look at it now… Of course, complaining about the weather is just a pure national past time here. Obviously we next complain if it rains, is overcast or when the thunder comes that it is so loud we can’t hear the telly. Nothing like a good moan about it while being down at the pub.

So as for this blog, it’s mostly a rambly and a pretty personal one. Writing about things that happened to me in the last couple of weeks and a preview of sorts of what I am going to write about (hopefully, but you know me).


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dear readers,

For the second Saturday in a row, and hopefully the last there will be not much of a blog post from me.  As I write this I am preparing for the journey home after spend a week with family.

the funeral was Wednesday. while I don’t want to go into much detail about it, l want to say this. The funeral was a, I’m tempted to say beautiful I’m not sure it is perhaps the right word for it. but what is sure, is that it was a celebration of a woman who was deeply admired and loved by everyone around her. In short, nothing but a deeply remarkable and amazingly wonderful.

Rest softly and peaceful…

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My dear readers,

I am terribly sorry to have to disappoint you, but I shall not blog this week and possibly not the week after either. As per my last post my Grandmother was not doing well, and yes, past tense as she now longer is with us. She passed away peacefully in the presence of her children last Tuesday around 3pm UTC.

I will be away the next week, travelling to meet with my parents and other family for the funeral.

I hope to see you all again when I resume blogging in a couple of weeks

Bien des choses à tous

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