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So, as promised a while back and keeping putting off, today I want to show you my cottage in Second Life. The cottage is named “Laurel” and from the (have I said this before?) brilliant design from the folks over at { What Next }. It’s a small one bedroom cottage and it’s situated on a high pad in the air and gives me a place to be, to work, to write (yes I am actually writing this from my ‘office’ as you can see later).

As you probably can remember, I used to have a self built home, based on a freebie home modded pretty much to beyond recognition. It was fun, but Second Life being Second Life, at one point when I tried to rez the house after I per accidental had returned it to my inventory, decided that it needed eating and gone it was.

For a while after that the house more or less (mostly a lot more) resembled a building site with a rubble pit. It was mostly an open air design with some large building blocks strewn around for effect and basically because I wanted not to to have the parcel all that empty.

As you know, Mistress, after me asking and her checking out { What Next }, she graciously gave me the permission to build a new place for myself. Thank you Mistress! Of course there is the stipulation that while the place now looks absolutely charming and darling, this will not be, not now, nor ever, be my home. It’s my cottage, my crash-pad, my whatever-you-want to call it, but most definitely it is not my home in any shape or form. That, home, is our place together.

So what does my new cottage look like? Let’s have a look shall we?

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There are moments in everyone’s life, especially those who write, be that for a personal, amateur, or professional that words just not flow. Reasons for this can be be varied, be that lack of inspiration, emotions disturbing the flow or even such a thing as the phase of the moon (although since the moon is Waxing Crescent at 38% of full), I doubt the latter is the reason, how much I would love to.

But yes, considering that I am in large part, mostly human. I am not without moments that the words just not will come. Or at least that I lack the inspiration of writing in a meaning full way about a particular BDSM subject. Which is somewhat ironic as everyone who knows me, that I can not shut up talking about BDSM as it is one of my favourite topics; and I have an opinion or three.

However, since I have to write something, I decided once again; to treat you all to the various little things that occupy my mind over the last week but that neither really warrant a whole blog by themselves or cover a subject I have written about previously. This also mind hint at a pattern in the type of blog posts I have put up in the past weeks and months. Yes, Rambling or freestyle post (the latter does sound so much better and kinder, does it not?) usually means I am lacking any inspiration to wax lyrically about a given subject and have reached the point that I rather let my mind cast forth directly, rather then a formed (and perhaps opinionated article).


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Well it seems for the first time in a long while, I have a severe lack of inspiration on what to write, or perhaps just a bit of inspirational writers block. I think the past week has been reasonably busy enough that I haven’t had much time to either think about my story or a suitable subject and research it (bad lex).

So, instead of sounding all meaningful and deep and knowledgeable, I am going to just talk and let my mind pour out onto the digital paper as it were and see where this is will take me. So be warned, it may just be a whole mess of random musings, but come on and join me, it will be fun.

The biggest event this week of course was that my Mistress and I have been together for three years now and we celebrated that quite privately on Thursday. Sadly I did not get to stay up until the actual time of my collaring, but that would have been way to late for me and Mistress is quite keen to keep me sleeping on time.

I think the last three years have seen me change a little bit, needles to say the changes in my RL have helped me in the past year but I think I have also grown in my relationship with Mistress. While my sleep is still not what most (including Her), would call normal, there is no denying that it is more stable and regular than it has been a long time. I still have occasional bouts of where sleep will just simply evade me and I lie there and stare at the ceiling. It is kind of unnerving how quickly one can become intimately aware of the ceiling and all its contours.

While Mistress and I were dancing at home on Thursday we talked about the last few years and looked at photos. It’s funny to see how I have changed and while I am still reasonably pale I am no longer the complete white creature I once used to be. I also have by and large stopped wearing glasses. And of course my awesome dress sense or perhaps Mistress hand in my ever growing wardrobe.

But after three years, it is still clear that we both are still love each other and that we certainly plan this relationship to last for a long time. Or as Mistress said when I jokingly asked her if she was not fed up with me yet; “I’ll make a decision in another three years or so”. And that is perhaps the greatest thing. After three years of being with her she still makes me laugh about all kind of things.  So I guess I want part of this blog to say this; Thank you Mistress for a wonderful three years as your girl, thank you for looking over and after me. Thank you for guiding, encouraging, listening and advising me. Thank you for everything

In other news, I think I am coming close to deciding what I want for my little cottage. I have seen a nice bedroom, and seating area arrangement (both inside and out) and {whatnext} also sell a wonderful study that I plan to use as a writing area for when I am blogging (I often do stay in-world when blogging for various reasons, those who know me closely would probably agree with me that the main reason is procrastination. Of course the biggest problem may be that I am running out of prims. But we’ll see. The biggest problem is that {whatnext} are selling so many lovely things. *sighs dreamily*

Sadly, the last couple of weeks I have been very active in world, for various reasons some of them good. Apart from a long weekend away to see my family, I have spend a lot of the last few weeks (or at least that is how it seems to me), tied up in various places and positions around our home. I have been luckily in that regard. Especially the last week I have spend more time in bondage then out. And that, in my view is not a bad thing at all. From being tied in the cellar, to hog-tied in my basket and above all, on the night of our anniversary, I ended up tied in the chest at my Mistress foot-end. It really does not mark the end of the evening better than that.

So that is pretty much all there is to tell at the moment. I need to definitely catch up with my friends in-world, which reminds me; does anyone know of a good/serious D/s club within SL, i am not talking about dance clubs or capture sims, but more one were people sit around, talk and enjoy each other company with a D/s setting. The last few club I have been to have either gone the way of a meat-pickup, suffer from owners who demand to much for their staff in a  quest to satisfy their growing need for more and more numbers, or just vanished. So Any recommendations would be great!! Just leave a comment below or poke me in-world.

So, in retrospect, all in all a reasonable sized blog post for someone who has not got inspiration to write. Guess it shows that at times, just letting the mind empty itself and write whatever comes up in you, might be a good exercise, rather than stressing about figuring out where your characters are going (chapter IV of my story is in the making, don’t worry), or writing deeply and sensibly over a BDSM topic. But that too will come again.

For now I am going to hit publish and see you next week

Stay safe, and have fun.

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Oh my…

As promised, I would write something about building and my other plot. After a long while I have decided to clean up the mess that was left over from the previous builds. The place looked messy after all. I know at least one person had offered to buy a bulldozer of the Second Life Marketplace and to clear the whole lot. But I won’t name names, that would not be fair to Mara.

However, a couple of weeks ago I was browsing marketplace and hopping around in Second Life looking at prefabs and I came across a sim called “{What Next} and to my delight I found a perfect little cottage. Nothing big, but suitably cute. With an upstairs open plan bedroom and side kitchen. Needless to say I fell in love with it. Right there and then.,

After asking Mistress if I could buy it and getting the go-ahead, I finally bought it and so started the long awaited phase of rebuilding my sky-plot. It’s going to be a pretty overhaul as I am basically scrapping a lot of the old build off and rebuilding or perhaps redecorating from scratch.

So how far is the situation at the moment?

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