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Tonight’s blog is dealing with bondage, and by and large aimed at the virtual world of second Life. I am not going to even pretend I do not like being tied up or other exclamations of fake innocence in this regard. Yes, you all know I love to get tied up and that I revel in the feeling and loss of control.

This is however not a feeling that is solely restricted (see what I did there?) to the virtual world however. I enjoy bondage in real life just as much. And it is because of this love of bondage in both worlds that I am destined to draw parallels between the two in terms of ability and restriction, where I can or perhaps where applicable.

Yes I am aware that there are things in one world that can not be replicated in the real world or vice versa. If only things were so simple. Who would not be able to kneel on their knees for hours at a time, be tied up in the most stringent of positions for long periods of time without being able to move a muscle and without any after effects.

Thus we can safely conclude that no two worlds are the same and that in real life we should be aware of these risks and act on our kink in a consensual knowledgeable manner. However just because things are not the same, does not mean we can apply a degree of reason and reality to our play in the virtual world, can we?


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After having been a week and a half away from home I can not even begin to tell you how good it feels. If only it was not overshadowed by having to leave again in three weeks, but such is life I fear. I shall of course endeavour to keep my writing up, but due to a long and hard week with just not enough sleep, my brain is sort of mush about what to write about.

So given that not a single decent topic comes into my head tonight, I am just going to sit here and type and see what brings it out in the end. It would not be the first time, probably not the last and sometimes the results of it all is not all that bad either.

And I think I have found the overall theme for my blog post tonight. Books. Books are awesome. As I mentioned in my previous blog post, love for reading was instilled and encouraged by my parents from an early age. Right now there are about three book shelves surrounding me and friends have remarked that my house looks half like a public library.

So tonight I want to write some about books and mostly books that have a connection to BDSM in some way or another. But I am not going to kick it off by talking  about instructions book on how best to tie your partner into a wicker basket. Really of all places, I first would like to start off with a book review:

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I am a fan of science fiction. While I shamefully can not remembering reading any Asimov (something that I am determined to redeem myself in, along with some of the works of Robert Heinlein), I am of course more than familiar with his name and his influence on the genre and some of his work such as his laws on robotics.

One of the earliest books that I read was fantasy, follow shortly at a young age reading several stories by Sir Arthur C. Clarke, that made a more than lasting impression. In that sense I owe a great gratitude that my parents are just as avid reads as I am, in fact I more thankful for surely inheriting  their love for reading and their love for hoarding books. Still today, I am not considering a visit home to be a proper visit unless I come home with several books that I took from them.

So fantasy and science-fiction has been a large part of my life and I suspect it will always be. So what has inspired this blog, which seems take another different tack then other blogs dealing with the alternative lifestyle as such? Well in short the title of this blog should have been a big clue for the science fiction inclined…. but for those not in the know, the blog post is about the British Science Fiction show, Doctor Who.


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Anyone that knows me, knows without a shadow of a doubt that I somewhat like to play with words. Most people who know me are probably by now rolling their eyes at my definition of somewhat. And condising I achieved that in the first paragraph of my blog post, I think that may perhaps be a new record for me.
So yes, I love to play with words, and I love to talk (queue more eyerolling), and to write of course which after all is how this blog came to be and why I am putting all these thoughts to the virtual paper as it were.

Well today I am actually going to talk about communicating and various aspects perhaps of the use of language in BDSM and daily life. If you have been following me for some time now, you know that I think that communicating is one of the cornerstone of any given relation, especially in BDSM. But I have never really written about communicating such as, in itself.
Today I got reminded on my thoughts about communicating and how that can quite easily, make or break a relationship, although nothing serious changed or happened (don’t worry), I did had an realisation that sometimes peoples objectives, or perhaps means of communicating seem to be so vastly different to a point that it becomes friction.

So as mentioned, today’s writing is about communication:

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