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As promised I would write more this week about tasks. I was going to write about both tasks and rules last week but the entire weekend turned to be a bit too much and I decided to nicely split them. I hope at least you enjoyed the part I written about rules.

Now tasks is always a interesting one and it seems from looking at my statistics (you have to got to love statistics), it seems to be one of the more popular topics on my blog. So I decided to revisit the topic in the form of several questions I found while pursuing ideas for my blog last week.

And of course rather than an overview of how tasks should be deployed I am going to answer these questions to give you an insight in my relationship and how these tasks help me and my Mistress in doing that what we do.

The biggest question perhaps that may need to be answered is: “what is it, that attracts people about tasks, why are tasks even necessary in a D/s relationship, or are they even

Of course it is will not come to any ones surprise that I think that that the question to the latter question will be rather confirming that I think they are needed. However to the why exactly, please read on: (more…)

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Right then. Let’s get this blog on the road. I was planning to actually write pretty much ahead of time. And with that I meant write it Thursday or Friday. The weekend ahead (and by time of this writing) is promising and thus shaping up to be quite a busy one. And of course a thousand and one other things meant as per usual the road that is so full of good intentions quickly became proverbially paved.

So after  thinking about what I wanted to write I only came up with two subjects. Neither of them kink related. And since most people state side have not seen the new Doctor Who, despite mentioning it last week I am not going to talk about it because of spoilers.

And thus a new topic was needed. And since free-styling it, with the dropping of the doctor is a bit out of the question, I had the choice about writing my latest game, Assassin’s Creed IV, not entirely sure everyone is ready and wanting to hear that. And just general waffling a couple of pages all together.

I felt that would not do, so sat down and thought about a topic. And then while browsing submissive prompts, it came to me. I wanted to write about rules and regulations within a D/s relationship. Most people are aware that I already have written about this a couple of times prior.

For tonight, I wanted to try and alter my angle on it slightly and write more from my own point of view. So let’s have a start and see where we can get to:


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Good evening! How the week flies. Having winged my way to last blog while at the same time giving it a good effort and doing at least the required amount of word. Although what I presume to be the required amount of words. I don’t think that my Mistress ever set me a lower limit but somehow over time it always been at least over a thousand words.

First of all .. more television geekery in the trend of Doctor Who. Obviously the anniversary is only seven days away. Which remind me of the current meme that is circling around on reddit where the countdown to the much awaited episode is hyping everyone up. The countdown has proceeded by numbering the days in the name of the actors who played doctor who. So for tonight is should be McCoy days, although by the time this is posted it probably will be more than likely Baker days.

But to get to the point. The BBC released a mini episode prequel called “The Night of the Doctor” and it is very very good. I was having goosebumps watching. I am not going to say what it is about. If you want to see it, you can watch it on youtube (see the link). It really really is good, spectacular. If the up and coming “Day of the Doctor” is going to be so soon I think I may need medicinal help as I probably will get stuck in an entire geekgasm. On the plus side, it seems my suspicions regarding this have been mostly right. I can’t wait!

In other news I am glad that I am being able to blog from my desktop. Having one of my hard disk die on me, it needed to be replaced as well as upgrading my Linux operating system and recompiling most of the apps from scratch again. A task that always takes up a considerate amount of time. But I am getting there slowly.

Most of the apps that I use on a daily basis are back in their place and while SL seems to give me some kind of silly error about the media_webkit_plugin missing. I am not sure what causes this as I have webkitgtk installed and never had any problems with it in the past. Time will tell, right now it does not stop me enjoying Second life and that is pretty much the important part for me.

And with that out of the way, let us move ahead to the main part of this blog. I was giving a notecard this evening by a friend and it seems to be some kind of quiz that is making to the rounds. It’s called the  “2013 edition of getting to know your friends while sort of annoying them.”

Basically it is a list of forty questions that seems to range about a wide various of subjects and you have to answer them and then send them on. But obviously I am ridiculous spoilsport and obviously or at least according to the notecard ‘lame’ I am not going to send this on to my friends. However if you feel inspired by it, then, as a sort of meme you can copy the questions and answer them for yourself:

Below are my answers, hope you enjoy!

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Another week, another blog and so the wheels turn and turn, week after week. Although I don’t have as much as subject this week, there are some things I would like to touch upon. So consider this blog entirely freestyle and a large mix of things that currently occupy my mind.

Well when I say occupy my mind, I mean these are things that sort of pop in and out of my mind when I was thinking what to write about. Sadly not as easy this week but it can’t be that fun every week and I suppose that as time I do actually have to work for my words, although I am not sure I can promise an elaborate work as the last few weeks.

Of course first of all, it is remembrance weekend, the weekend before the eleventh hour on the eleventh of the eleventh. And no this is not a Doctor Who reference, although there will be doctor who stuff for those interested. But first of all, on to more serious elements.

poppy-red-corn_stdThis Sunday is Remembrance Sunday, which traditionally is held on the second Sunday in November, which is the nearest to Armistice Day (11 November), the anniversary of the end of hostilities in the First World War at 11 a.m. in 1918. Remembrance Sunday is held “to commemorate the contribution of British and Commonwealth military and civilian servicemen and women in the two World Wars and later conflicts”

On the Saturday before that, the BBC shows the Festival of Remembrance, which is a moving and emotional affair that includes displays by members of the armed forces, choral performances, and prayers.

It ends with the parading of military personnel down the aisles and onto the floor of the hall with representatives from the youth uniformed organisations and the uniformed public security services of the City of London, and the release of poppy petals from the roof of the hall. Especially the last part is very very touching and I never can hold my tears back. Even more so if you realise that every poppy that falls from the ceiling actually represents a member of our armed forces that gave the ultimate sacrifice.

So, tomorrow, I will be watching the ceremony at the cenotaph and remember those who have fallen. Not out of some lofty ideals, or to glorify the wars that we are currently engaged in but because these men and women did what they believed was right when it was needed. And thanks to that, we have our freedom. And in this day and age where those freedoms are continually getting chipped away against in name of the greater good, it is perhaps worth remembering what people gave for that.


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The last three weeks have been rather wonderful in writing. Mostly because I either was given a topic to write about or in case with my kinky alphabet, I have had plenty to write about that it was going to stretch me over a few weeks. But all good things must come to an end as they say so this week I was struggling to come up with a new topic.

Luckily the solution was given to me by the way of a weekly discussion group in Second Life (at the Stiletto D/s club) where the topic was initially “Why are Subs & Dommes so fickle[1] [sic], which was a discussion aimed at exploring the reasons as to why relationships within the virtual world tend to not last.”

Since I arrived at the discussion quite a bit later than originally intended the discussion shifted to who was bearing the responsibility in the relationship. In other words; who carries the weight and maintains the relationship. There were very interesting opinions, most of which I did not entirely agreed with, not because I necessarily think they were wrong but because they were not in line with my views[2].

Coupled that with the problem that my answers tend to be a bit longer and reasonably well thought out, my answers tend to lag the discussion bit. And as thus, the idea to write about this in more depth was born. I will try to line out in this blog, my reasons why I think that most relationships in the virtual world last shorter than in real life (although real life is by no means excluded of it share of mismatches), as well as my thoughts on relationship maintenance and responsibility.

So, with that; let’s move on:

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