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In searching for a topic tonight, I was deeply drawing across a blank what to write about. Although some people have helpfully offered suggestions and some made it into my pile of “things to write about”. Not because I do not want to write about the topic tonight, but by and large because the last few days sleep has not been forthcoming with me, due to various circumstances. I guess it’s life and hopefully I’ll catch up on sleep soon.

While storing away one of these ideas, my eye scanned over the list of topics I had stored away and suddenly came across one that may be worth writing about tonight. And then I remembered: a couple of weeks ago, I came across it, while pursuing a list of ideas from the submissive prompt website. Occasionally they have sayings, or a paragraph of writing that seem to expand on a certain idea, and while they don’t propose a question to go with it, I believe the idea is to actually write your thoughts about it.

The paragraph said the following:

You have the right to be loved and to love. Anyone who tells you that love does not fit  into a D/s relationship has never experienced the fulfilment of all it truly can be. Submissives are by nature loving and needing of love and have every right to expect this to be a part of their lives. It takes love to bring your submission into full bloom, so don’t settle for less.

A beautiful saying and one I truly and deeply agree with. So with that in mind, let us try and look at this topic from different sides:

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Well I am sure that everyone that remotely knows me, has no illusions of my love for bondage. Okay, love for bondage is perhaps highly understated. I adore being tied up, wrapped in layers of most kind of bondage gear, the more restrictive the better. I even to some extend like to be left alone to enjoy the feeling of being rigidly bound.

This last week I got to spend some quality time with my Mistress and of course that lead to being bound in to several times being bound (and gagged, yay!) in various positions. You would guess that after several days, that would be enough. But no, I guess when it comes to being bound and restrained, my desires and the pleasure that I derive from that is just bordering on insatiable.

It really beggars belief to me that I come across people in Second Life, who claim to have an equal love of being bound, yet at the same time state they don’t want to be left in bondage for more than say ten to fifteen minutes at the time. Frankly, I have denied bondage scenes because they were going to take less than thirty minutes.

Then again, I am by and large aware that those are mostly my own preconceptions with regards to bondage and my own opinions and biases working in this case against me. So, it still, as always, comes down to the old adage: Everyone plays to the level they want and that is fine. For me .. that level may be different than others, for some more deeper, for others lighter and that is all fine too.

So let’s explore the many attractions that bondage has for me:

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Well for my second blog-post of the year I was sort of planning to write a story. Yes, I have started a new story. Directly from a challenge to write something that is much darker and harsher in tone then my previous two published stories. So in the middle of the night I got inspiration (interesting how inspiration always seem to strike right in the middle of the night when you are supposed to get sleep and never the moment you open up your trust text editor and stare at the magnificence that is the blank page?

But rest assured, there is a new story in the planning and I have a good two thousand words written on it already. And that is basically just the beginning and the end. The story is about a girl under going training at the hands of a dominant that may go to no ends to mould her in the way he sees fit. How will she last this onslaught of emotions, new attitudes and enforced servitude? Well for that you need to read my story when I put it up. But so far, the reaction have been pretty good (I have a small core of readers to which I release material from time to time). You know who you are and thank you.

But sadly, after the first dash of words, I have seen to halted and need to work out how to proceed with my work on this one, where do I want the story to go and where do I want to take my characters. What obstacles will they over come and how will I delve into the darker sides of bdsm, without giving in to sheer banality and stay true to my own writing style and do my work the justice I think it does deserve? Answers on a postcard…

One of the more awesome experiences this week was while I was sitting down and talking with a group of people a person messaged me and said she finally figured out I was the writer of this blog. I can not express how much her enthusiasm meant to me. If nothing else it is nice to be recognised (hey, it is my 15 minutes of fame and I want them!), but to hear that your blog helps to inspire people to write, that is high praise indeed. Thank you so much!

So for this week, apart from my own incessant rambling, I shall try to touch on a few topics that crossed across my mind this week.


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hehehe, I could not resist it. As a dedicated Doctor Who fan, I must say that thinking this morning about my blog and what to write today and thinking back about the title of my last blog, I was thinking back about the Doctor Who mini episodes that are part of Season Six.

Sadly I do not think that any of these episodes are available on youtube, but just on the Season Six DVD (regardless, if you want to find them, there are way of course but I am not going to jeopardise my blog telling you how); the episodes are called `Good night, First Night, Last Night, and Up all Night”. Of course as I have done before in “Kitten near the fireplace“, I am stealing a title somewhat.

First of all I would wish everyone reading this blog a very happy New Year and all the best wishes for 2013. It seems that we have staved on another apocalypse and I think with the ones I have survived in 2012 so far, this is rapidly something becoming I think we should all be able to put on our resumes as a marketable skill. Pretty much in line with me winning the Nobel Peace Price. Thank you, thank you, it was really nothing. Okay, so the whole Nobel Peace price was won on behalf of the European Union but hey, since I seem to be part of that conglomeration, I guess to an extend we should feel if we all won it. At least, that is my story and I am sure sticking to it.


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