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Merry Christmas

From me to all my readers, I wish you a wonderful and lovely Christmas and may you spend time with those you love and cherish.

Merry Christmas

With all my love,

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Well Christmas has just gone and I had a lovely two days with friends and family and more friends. Frankly after running around and being social, if nothing else, I am feeling completely shattered. I love company and having them all over at my new digs, the first Christmas there, was just awesome. Good food, good company and much joy and fun was head.

Right now, more then anything I am just shattered and worn out though. I am looking forward to the next few days spending in relative peace and quiet, watching the world go by and catch up on watching television. And maybe watch it snow! Yes, despite everyone predicting otherwise (I’ll bet the bookies are having a field day with that one, or are really really really pissed off), it started snowing on Boxing Day.

Another year has passed. Although right now I am not going to stand still and reflect on the year gone past. That will be reserved probably for next week. Why? Because at that time WordPress will release their statistics summary on how well this blog has been doing. So the whole looking back thing fits rather well with that.

I fear that this will be an entirely short blog post tonight, I have been working on getting something written for the last two hours and my mind is really nothing but mush at the moment. The fact that I have written scarcely three hundred words is probably testament to how much I am wiped out.

Honestly, I am giving up for tonight … Words will not come, I am too exhausted and I need to acknowledge what is important for me and that is rest and sleep. Hopefully next week, my energy levels will have recuperated to near normal operating levels and I can write freely. I do have some ideas lined up. My apologies for not being as eloquent as per usual.

But before I go, I want leave you all with this:

Thank you all for reading my blog in 2014.
I am looking forward to see you all back in the new year

Please have a most wonderful, prosperous and fulfilling 2015
May your hopes and dreams become realised and may you grow

Stay safe, have fun

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Merry Holidays!

Well, I was supposed, or I guess at least I sort of half heartily mentioned that I should blog something this week. Both to you, my dear reader and to my Mistress. The real fact is that I don’t have much to write about and secondly, friend coming around with vodka threw an entire spanner into my works.

And in true me fashion, since I do not get around to give you all the Christmas card in person, let me post it here. (trust me, it drives my family literally insane)

merry_christmas[above photo was taken by Zaphod Yao]

I know, that this time of year it is normal to reminiscence about what happened in the last year to you, at least if you go by the various blogs on the internet. But frankly I have nothing to say. If that is due to me being happily social over the Christmas period, or just tired and slightly merry by friends visiting earlier, is an exercise I entirely leave to the reader.

Last year was good. Things are slowly changing for me personally in ways that I never saw happening a few years ago. A lot of thanks to changing locations and friends but above all, the love and support of my Mistress.

I know this is pretty much the shortest post I have ever written but the words seem not to come to me. I am pretty much entirely running on empty. Blame my friends!

But, please allow me to part with this thought. First of all of all extend my best wishes to you and hope that you had a wonderful Christmas from the bottom of my heart.

As for the coming year, I hope and fervently wish that in the year 2014 all your dreams may come true. And above all, keep those you call your friends close and reciprocate the attention, love and warmth they give you. True friends are a rare and wonderful thing in this world and one should cherish them.

Thus comes to end the year of blogging 2013 with this last post, a short one in contrast with all the prior posts I have been making but such is life I suppose.

Happy new year folks! Stay safe!

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