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This slave has been asked, as part of her training, and to show this slaves submission to deliver a blog written in its entirely in the third person.

As this slave loves assignments such as this, she complied readily. Both because this slave wants to show that she can do as this slave has been requested, and because this slave loves the challenge. Plus having something and someone to write for is always easier. So very much easier. Knowing what to write or who to write for is in parts half the battle

And yet this slave is at the same time, somewhat apprehensive with regards to this. This is really the first time that this slave had done something like his: the writing of a blog in third person. This slave has written assignments of others instead, but it is a long time since this slave has been writing anything that is so directly connected to this slave dealing with others, okay with this slave’s life and training.

This slave also knows, or perhaps better expects that there will be some of my readers who very much will dislike this slaves blog as they do not approve of the writing style. This slave will not say whether this will be a singular occurrence or something that will happen more often over time.

Time will tell, this slave already notices that writing in the third person requires a slight adjustment in writing style so far.


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Well first of all thanks to me reading way to much r/bdsm and related sub-reddits; I have some topics and some are from that dark corner of my psyche. So be afraid. No just kidding, although some of my topics are perhaps controversial and not as much discussed i terms of bdsm.  But this is me we are talking about and normal is defiantly a term we should not apply here, please check and leave your sanity at the door.

One of the topics I wanted to write about, as I saw on various sites; is that the kink of the week is collars. However I already wrote in lengthy details about collaring just last month, so I am not going to touch that subject here.

So I am a bit struggling here for topics, so perhaps I mostly wing it freestyle tonight and if you are looking for something meaningful perhaps move on to next week and hopefully I can write something better than today:


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