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dear readers,

For the second Saturday in a row, and hopefully the last there will be not much of a blog post from me.  As I write this I am preparing for the journey home after spend a week with family.

the funeral was Wednesday. while I don’t want to go into much detail about it, l want to say this. The funeral was a, I’m tempted to say beautiful I’m not sure it is perhaps the right word for it. but what is sure, is that it was a celebration of a woman who was deeply admired and loved by everyone around her. In short, nothing but a deeply remarkable and amazingly wonderful.

Rest softly and peaceful…

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My dear readers,

I am terribly sorry to have to disappoint you, but I shall not blog this week and possibly not the week after either. As per my last post my Grandmother was not doing well, and yes, past tense as she now longer is with us. She passed away peacefully in the presence of her children last Tuesday around 3pm UTC.

I will be away the next week, travelling to meet with my parents and other family for the funeral.

I hope to see you all again when I resume blogging in a couple of weeks

Bien des choses à tous

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