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Thank you all for all the reaction I have had on my blog about manners and submissives. I think the post was missing something so rest assured that I will return to the post in question at some later point, when I have time to let it mull over in my head and get a better idea of what I want to say and maybe in a little bit of a more constructive format. Still, thank you all for the reading it and liking it.

This week I am going to depart from the previous topic and this week I want to post something about service orientated submission and I will follow that up next week with a more in-depth post and relating to this one.

It is actually Tuesday evening at the moment when I am sitting down and writing this as I am off to visit family over the Easter weekend and will not have time to write as I usually do on Saturday evening. But I will schedule this post, so it will be probably Easter Sunday by the time you all get to read this.

But onwards and upwards as they say. Today’s blog instead writing about what service oriented submission details, I am going instead to adhere to to the old maxim of “Show, don’t tell”. The follow service I was requested to write, by Domina Isabelle Helendale after several mornings of talking and playing. It was an interesting exercise both in thinking and attending as well in writing a large piece a couple of days after my regular blogging.

The brief given was as follows: “You will write me a service of you being at my vanity in my bedroom, brushing my hair and putting on my make-up, while loose chains are locked on
her wrists and ankles.

The result you can read below.


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While I was writing my blog last week I started to immoderately stressing about the fact that I had trouble writing about the subject, coupled that with freaking out about time[1] and not wanting to disappoint Mistress. The biggest part that brought this on is that I started to write about service oriented submission, something that shared some touching glances with doing receptive tasks. But I realised while having written a big chunk of text on it, I was going hopelessly off course in a direction that had very little to do with the actual topic of my chosen subject.

So when this week came around, it made the choice for once all to simple although I am as per usual still procrastinating until the later moments before working myself up into a frenzy and delivering (a hopefully decent) blog and interesting subject. So in this blog I want to talk as indicated about Service Oriented Submissions (which abbreviation is SOS, which really isn’t a cry of warning to the domestic submissive hotline.)

When most people are asked or tell that they like service or like serving, a deeper probe into the actually meaning often brings to the forefront that it boils down to sexual service (the playful french maid that is taken by the owner) or other kinds of play, such at boot worship. However in reality there is a lot more to Service Oriented Submission than the frivolities of play, and while perhaps more seldom (or perhaps more overlooked) there are submissives who find deeper fulfilment into being of service to their dominant then actual play.

So what is the classic definition of Service-Oriented Submission?

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