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Last week I started to write about dehumanisation, as a possible path that can lead to submission and what the different ins and outs that are associated with this variant of play, or perhaps variant of living is. However I soon figured I had perhaps bitten off much more then I can chew in one blog post over one night. At least not unless I was planning to do a face-plant on keyboard in the middle of my writing and then waking up in the morning with keys stamped all over my face and not a single letter published. Plus I reached a natural ending at that point and having started up another subject would have meant that I would have to cut it off in the middle of writing.

To quickly recap last week, I dealt in the first place with the definitions as I am known to do so that everyone knows what I am talking about. Dehumanisation can be described as:  “depriving an individual of human qualities, rights, and privileges“, where depersonalisation is “characterised by the loss of identity and feelings of unreality and strangeness about one’s own behaviour” and lastly objectification which is “treating a person merely as an instrument for the sake of one owns pleasure without regard for personality, dignity or capabilities.

So this week i am going to see again how far I am going to get and if time and words again prove to be the limiting factor, then I may actually post a third blog, finishing with the last of my ideas on this topic. This week I will however start with writing about why dehumanisation and depersonalisation are so popular in bdsm and what some of the techniques and tools are that can be used or are used

And with that let’s us dive headlong in the topic.

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Sometimes when writing you are struggling to grasp a topic. You are working through your options, look here and there and trying to figure out where you want to go and where you need to go. It’s something I have described as “the terror of the blank page”. It just sits there the cursor blinking at you in the corner as if to say “well, what are you waiting for…”

Your eyes catch the blinking, knowing that at some points the words should be drawn out from there to appear on the screen before you, page after page (well at least three pages long) and your words flow like prose should flow, and …. the truth of that moment is, it never comes. This is always my fear that at that moment in time, the words just utterly completely fail me.

Of course in contrast, there are those wonderful moments that everything does fall into place and the words take off on their own and you hammer them out with the rhythmic beat that would not be without merit as the soundtrack to the mechanical workings of Victorian industrial revolution or an army marching drill.

I have always found, and I am sure that many writers and bloggers will agree with me, that writing when someone asks you to write about a certain topic is always easier then when you have to come up with a subject on your own. So today, as I am always prone todo, I decided to poke around various sims in Second Life, asking people if they have a topic about which they like to read, so that I can research it and write it.

Today, such a topic was handed by a dear friend of mine, Miss Ash Yheng, who after some discussion came to the topic of “Dehumanisation, as a path to submission“. Now considering that dehumanisation to an extend has been an interest of me, I decided that it was an interesting challenge for me to write about.

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Hi everyone, I am back from my mini-break with family and shall continue blogging in my usual fashion soon. For now please stick with me while I write a quick blog post. Sadly real-life has somewhat conspired against me, and I am struggling to find a good topic that I can write about in a short time. Hence the following: you are stuck with this weekly blog-post being rather freestyle and me rambling on a bit about the various things that keep me busy and hopefully next week I can write more insightful musings.

With regards to my blog, I have a great question for you readers (I know you are out there, after all I do have site stats 😉 ); what kind of thing would you like to know more about or would you like to see me write about. I know from the search terms that my blog comes up often in terms of rubberdolls, banes, isolation, dollifications and picture of my posterior (really people?) *laughs*. So if there is something you like to know more about or perhaps like me to write more in-depth about, leave me a comment and I’ll see what I can do.


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Well since the last post about me being a rubber doll seemed to have been such a success, I decided a while ago to make a couple of more photos. This time however in a slightly more “traditional”.

Well `traditional’ goes of course only so far. The traditional part is the big but beautiful crafted Victorian key, that powers my doll insides. I love this key, it has at the same time this sturdy but most artistic look. And above all, it can be modified to be fitted with various scripts and coloured to my heart desired.

As for the outfit, mostly fully covered in shiny black latex. A knee-wide, wide, flowing latex dress, with wide pink petticoat underneath, a latex corset over transparent latex covering my skin. My arms encased in black latex opera gloves, latex stockings, and knee-high heeled latex boots.

But, as the saying goes, a picture tells more than a thousand words:

The key normally is in turn linked to my collar and the RLV viewer as well through some rather clever scripting. This means once my key runs out, my clock work stops, and I go silent. Until some kind soul takes pity on me and rewinds me again.

And for those that know me;  yes I know about the colours. But I found it somewhat fitting. I know, I know…..I am just weird like that 🙂


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Rubber doll

Well for the past couple of days I have been playing about with my various outfits, and I came across the idea of dressing myself as a rubber doll. This is not the first time I have played around with this idea. but since I have all new toys to play with, I thought it was time to revisit this topic:

The is the four different outfits below:
(please click on each photo, so you can see the outfits
in up close and personal detail

Basically most doll outfit consist off at least a POC catsuit, Fairlight boots and gloves, a *Kas* Corset and Chastity belt, the Hair is also got from ER and can be changed to suit your fancy.

The pink latex doll is probably the most shocking for everyone, as I don’t do pink that often, but I think it’s tastefully enough. The real extra here is the Scorpion Gas mask [1]

The Red latex doll is wearing the lockable ER hood. Sadly this does not come with scripts or a HUD but it’s delicious in the way it looks. I love the detail of the little heart shape locks.

The Bane / Black latex doll is the most basic of outfits and yet perhaps the most evil as well. Because with the bane helmet set to severe settings, it could make life basically pretty hard to live.

The blue latex doll is the least restrictive one. No isolation features, just a tight latex hood which actually leaves the mouth and eyes open. Granted that means you could use it for a whole level of others toys such as gags, etc. I am sure you can think of something.

I was thinking of putting a picture here of me as a pony, but I am going reserve that for another blog post. Still if something like that is your interest there is still ways to let me know. 🙂

I am going ask you to vote please which outfit do you like best, and leave a comment. Which outfit of me as a rubber doll do you like best, which outfit would you like to see me walking around in. If rubber dolls aren’t your thing, just vote for ‘Other’ and leave a comment what kind of outfit you would like to see me in.

I might pick a random winner for something, from the comments. 😉 IF I do and what it will be, I will let you know.

So I am going to have a little bit of a poll here (so please vote):

[1] – Yes I know the name changed, I can’t remember it. bad lexi!

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As I have been writing mostly over on the Subbie Union Blog, I think a little explanation here is in order to what has been going on the last couple of days:

After my ‘adventure’ as described in Short Term Isolation I finally managed to complete my own Isolation suit. Of course being as eager as I was, I happily showed it to Mistress, I knew what was going to happen next, she would ofcourse lock it after using her RealKey (great idea to sync all items to the same key ;)). However what I did not realize is that how far this would go.

See my greatest problem is my mouth (I am sure I have told this before), so after telling Mistress how to make the experience better (no timers, no release etc), Mistress of course happily obliged. But what a mistake to make. It seems that Mistress is highly happy with the idea of me being isolated, and all the while having her as my only source of contact.

So if I have been quiet in world, and not talked much, please do not be upset, I am *NOT* ignoring you. It is really simple down to this: I can’t communicate. The suit is rather devil-ish (thanks sis) contraption, mostly sprung from the wonderfull mind of my sis, it consist atleast of 7 different types of restraints, from top to bottom you’re looking at:


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Having been bought several outfits that are near Elegant Gothic Lolita and somewhat “Doll” Like in appearance. (thank you all, you know who you are :P). After much banter, Niki was the one that prompted a polite request for pictures. and Thalia though this was a brilliant idea. So head over to my blog and see some of the different outfits that I have.

The two outfits are thanks to my Mistress, Thalia. The left outfit, which really was my first full doll outfit, is called “Lolita Sayuri Long” and is from a place called ‘The Bunker‘ but was bought from ‘Victoriana’s Boutique‘ which is a huge shop full of these Elegant Gothic/Gothic/Gothic Lolita clothing.

My first doll Dress! My first doll Dress!

The out below is latex and was bought (again, she spoils me something rotten) for me, by Thalia, from Draconic Kiss (they have a nice latex section) and is called “Lament“. It’s frankly one of my most favourite outfits 🙂 I wish I could colour it but sadly perms won’t allow it. Well we can’t have everything, can we *grins*. As you can see on the left and in more detail on the right, out of my back sticks a “Toy Box Collection’s wind-up doll AO key!” (I have seen a lovely key that works in conjunction with the Amethyst Collar. That one seems to really make you stop walking if you are not windup *shivers*)

latex sexy doll The Doll key up close

for more pictures : (more…)

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