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Subbie Union presents:


The Kinkster Munch


Please join the Kinkster Munch group for our first BDSM themed discussion event this coming Saturday! Vannesh Cannoli will give a presentation on the differences between submission and slavery, followed by general response and discussion. All folks are welcome, whether a long time in the scene, just starting, or just interested!

The Kinkster Much Group meets at the Diloba Celtic Pub each other Saturday. If there is a topic you would like covered, please IM either Vannesh Cannoli or Lex Berchot. All people are welcome to listen and participate in group discussions, which are low key, and designed to foster learning and sharing. Please join us, and IM Lex Berchot or Vannesh Cannoli for an invite to the group to gain information on future meetings and topics.

Location: Diloba Celtic Pub.

When: Saturday 23 May 2009

Time: 11:00 AM SL Time.

See also the announcement here:

If you want to join `The Kinkster Munch‘ Group, you can click the link.

Hope to see you there!

Vannesh Cannoli & Lex Berchot

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Well since the last post about me being a rubber doll seemed to have been such a success, I decided a while ago to make a couple of more photos. This time however in a slightly more “traditional”.

Well `traditional’ goes of course only so far. The traditional part is the big but beautiful crafted Victorian key, that powers my doll insides. I love this key, it has at the same time this sturdy but most artistic look. And above all, it can be modified to be fitted with various scripts and coloured to my heart desired.

As for the outfit, mostly fully covered in shiny black latex. A knee-wide, wide, flowing latex dress, with wide pink petticoat underneath, a latex corset over transparent latex covering my skin. My arms encased in black latex opera gloves, latex stockings, and knee-high heeled latex boots.

But, as the saying goes, a picture tells more than a thousand words:

The key normally is in turn linked to my collar and the RLV viewer as well through some rather clever scripting. This means once my key runs out, my clock work stops, and I go silent. Until some kind soul takes pity on me and rewinds me again.

And for those that know me;  yes I know about the colours. But I found it somewhat fitting. I know, I know…..I am just weird like that 🙂


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