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Tonight I want to write about something I have very much mused and pondered for a long time. Before I write anything, I am going to make the disclaimer that I write this purely from my own point of view, my own feelings and how I would conduct my actions. This is not meant to condemn anyone. After all I have hardly insight on how you conduct your affairs and can’t tell. So please read the blog-post with that in mind. As always I do welcome discussion through comments, or otherwise in world.

The thing I want to talk to you about, is the ending of relationships within the realm of Second Life and more specifically the time allotted for this. (This also gives me time to write about it more in a second blog post). As I said I know that people are different and thus their relationships are different. But often I see people breaking off relationships in Second Life, after not having seen their partner/significant other, etc after only a short time.

I always wonder how people determine the length of time needed for a relationship to be over. A couple of weeks always seems way to short for me. If I look at my own relationships, they lasted nearly two years and Mistress and I are heading well to our third year now. I think the time I am willing to wait, will easily be countered in many, many months if not longer.


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More on consent…

A couple of weeks back I touched in a post about consent and what it means. I have decided to slightly revisit the subject, but from a slightly other point of view. One of the things I never got into discussing (even thought this was part of my plan when I started out writing the article), is the fact that consent within Second Life seems often to be used with regards to sharing private conversations. All to often we see people in-world with the either a pick or their main profile stating that by reading the information that they have in their profile, they deem themselves to be allowed to spread the information as they see fit.

here are some such examples of such a thing:

  •  I hereby do not give you consent to record any conversation with me.  Me contacting you by IM is not implied consent since I am stating here you do not have consent.  If you do record any conversation with me, you are in violation of LL TOS.
  • By IMing me, you consent to logging and/or distribution of chat. / By talking to me, you consent to having the conversation saved for public/private use by me.
  •  Feel free to IM me, but bear in mind that I log all RP’s, chats and IM’s for future reference. By contacting me in IM or otherwise you consent to me using the logs and its contents for whatever purpose I see fit.

How tenable is such a thing? Are such attitudes correct and can anyone share our information willy nilly? Let’s have a look how it all sticks together …

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Anyone who has been around me, knows that for a long time I have had a fascination with pony-play.  For those not exactly familiar with what a pony-girl is or what pony play entails: Pony-play is a form of BDSM and/or fetish play combined with role-play.

It is an exchange of power between two people, one who assumes the role of dominant (although in pony play terminology this is often referred to as either Trainer or Owner, although variations exist),  and the other becomes their pony. In this case a “human pony.” It is a special interest area of BDSM. It can combine elements of bondage, training, discipline, Dominance and submission, even a little Sadomasochism.

Pony-play itself is a fairly old fetish, (more…)

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For most that know me, it will come as little of a surprise that I am an avid profile reader. Okay, perhaps profile fetishist is probably a description that is somewhat closer to the truth. Whenever I am sitting around talking to people I can never stop looking at profiles and reading what people put into them.

Often I notice peoples ages. And one of the things I notice is that where once I was just a young kitten exploring the world, it seems by now, more often and often I find myself one of the older avatars in the room (I am leaving it to a jury of my peers if I have grown wiser in these days).

I know a good thousand days ago I was kind of annoyed to miss my first thousand days in Second Life, so by now I think it’s a great time to take stock of what has transpired the last years. Second Life as a digital ongoing virtual world has seen many changes, some for the better and some for the worse.

I think above all I should be grateful for the things I have, rather than contemplating for the things I have not or can not get. And trust me the things I have are plentiful. I have two wonderful sisters and close friends (You all know who you are!). I have a wonderful family of friends, both close by and extended. And of course above all I have a wonderful Mistress who keeps me on the straight and narrow and looks after me, in both this world and the real one.

In the last thousand days we have seen so many changes, the viewer 2 (and now 3), mesh has come and getting a foot in the doorway. People disappear, resurface, alted or not. relations come, go, and in some cases stay. Above all people still complain and bitch about Second Life being slow, the lag and the general instability of it all.

To the last group of people, I say this; you don’t know how good things are these days. Sure there is still a long way to go before the world is perfect, but for those who remember the olden days, and I talk about 2007 to 2009, where every Friday you could just wait for the asset server to pack it in, for TP’s to be completely unreliable. HAH, things are much smoother these days. I remember a time that the Linux client had such a problem that, well after every TP I tended to crash. Trust me it makes shopping a huge pain.

Of course this year I or rather we, that is Mistress and me will be celebrating our three years together. How time flies and how much things have changed. *smiles* I am still madly devoted to her and taking care of our lives consist of a good proportion of my SL Life. Of course the control is just not just in world, as we include some real life aspects of it as well such as my sleeping times, which all in all is good for me.

So, two thousands day in SL. I must admit I am somewhat surprised at it. When I first joined Second Life in late 2006, it wasn’t all that much. But over time I have loved, lost and loved again. But above all I have made some great friendships to which my virtual and my real life has been richer for it. So from the bottom of my heart, I thank you all for being there. Not just for the laughs, but to share my pain, my tears, my fears, my hopes and endured my silliness.

And above all, for plain accepting for who I am…

up to the next thousand
with all my love

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