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Wow, never have I ever been so happy to make the switch in Daylight Saving Time. After spending a really late night talk with a close friend about stuff (I shall not reveal or divulge what it was about) that needed to be had, I went to my computer to sit down and write, knowing full well that the conversation has cost me a good hour.

I was thus pleasantly surprised to see that my clock instead of two am in the morning, pointed diligently at one am. I then realised what had happened. The clocks were supposed to go back an hour tonight. So essentially I got to something which was good and needed and gained an hour.

On the plus side, the living room is entering the first stage of its completion with my seventies style coffee table and dark red shag pile carpet. There’s a few more boxes to clear out, a few more boardgames to stow away and it is getting somewhere. Next up after that; either the hallways or one of the other rooms that is still blocked to ceiling with boxes.

Regardless, I fear that this blog won’t be a long one. I know I do my best to write as much as I can and I know I have a little bit of more time to play with then usual but the truth of the matter is, that not having everything sorted is very draining on my energy and I don’t feel I have ever been so weary, and in desire to catch up on sleep.

But not for now, even though my bed is calling, I have put on my headphones, set my play list to classical music. I shall blog first before rolling into bed.

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It’s been a rather stressful week all in all with unpacking, although somehow I think I am slowly but surely edging closer and closer to where I want to be. The bad news with the house is, I may have been had and there is an awful lot of work to do. But one room at the time I suppose and trying not to let myself get overwhelmed. It’s hard stopping myself from doing so.

But time shall tell. Still this made me almost forget that I had a blog to write. Rather not forget I had a blog to write, but forget that I needed a topic. So no research and nothing planned meant that anything was up for grabs.

Talking with Miss Mermaid, she mentioned wax play and how she enjoyed the visual stunning elements of it.. I went on fetlife to find some pretty pictures for her. Her enthusiasm was infectious and so I decided to roll with the topic. I do not think I have written much at all about wax play before. Mostly because it is something I have yet to engage in. May be one day.

So a quick introduction. What is wax play is a form of play where the submissive gets warm or hot wax poured over their naked body. Wax play is generally considered to be rather sensual in nature, but wax can be used with over a wide scale of intensity.

In this blog I will answer twenty questions regading wax play and what I think of them, how I see the issues surrounding wax play and end of with some safety information. All in all a well rounded introduction and for those interested in more, there are more then enough resources out there:

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I tried to write, but at the moment I am just having too many things going on. Of course I am still in the middle of the house move, which is taking me considerably more time then I was hoping for, not in the least place because I see things wrong with the house that need my attention to fixing. But in time I shall get there and I try keeping in mind that the foundations of the house are good and the rest may be cosmetics that I will get to there with time and patience. Now, if only I could believe what I tell myself as well.

My given choice for today was actually going to be some kind of BDSM meme, but , but from all the BDSM memes that I was looking at, it seemed one by one I have dome them all I have this afternoon started at least writing two only to discover by the fifth question that indeed I had done these all. So back I went for more inspiration.

I think with the amount of writing that I do, that I have so far done every single meme that I could think of. Sure, I am sure that some of them I could have done a lot more in depth (I am thinking such as the “thirty days of kink/bdsm”, and the “kinky alphabet series”. But since I am also having the made-up rule that I am supposed to write a decent amount of text (around fourteen to sixteen hundred words on average), sometimes it is easier to compact things rather then trying to write less then I want.

So, no memes to find; what is next?

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Well a quick blog written on the Friday before the weekend. At least I managed to get it done. It may not be as long as you all hoped for, or perhaps are accustomed to but such is life at the moment. Things are moving slowly along but creeping up on me at the same time.

Tonight (it being Friday evening/Saturday morning) is probably the only moment I have free left to quickly sit down and write a blog and get that posted. From tomorrow morning it’s all hands to the pumps finishing up the important rooms of the house, the bedroom and the office and packing up stuff. I feel I am running out of time, energy and steam.

So this week we shall see the second part of the spanking meme. Maybe during the next week I shall see if I can find a bondage meme or something. They do almost write themselves and while, yes, I know in a way it is cheating, my standing orders are to blog and not exactly to blog about what. I promise that once I have moved back in and settled I shall return to other subjects a well.

For now, it’s keeping it light and fluffy in the face of a lot of stress and adversity. But I shall get there. So let’s see what questions there are..


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