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Well they always say that you should start a blog with something witty and therefore for this weeks writing I have chosen to adapt a saying:

Absence makes the orgasm grow stronger …

This week blog will be dealing, as you can guess from the quote above, with the subject of orgasm denial, something to which at the moment I am frustratingly familiar with. But as they say there is nothing like writing about a subject which you are … intimately .. familiar with. It is also written as per a direct suggestion of my Mistress, since she wanted to explore my thoughts, desires and ideas on being placed under restrictions. And thus the idea was born to kill to birds with one stone and turn my thoughts into a blog post for me to share with her and the world.

In this blog I will write more about what Orgasm denial is, although to an extend the activity itself is pretty self explanatory by virtue of its own name, so this blog will cover some of the other aspects such as usage, types and different kind of scenarios in which orgasm denial may be an appropriate tool as well as my direct thoughts and feelings on the matter.

So in the coming paragraphs and pages of text, although by the time this will be published you will have just a big lap of text to read through but rest assured that this will be running in about a page of four A4 length. But let’s not digress and begin with understanding what makes orgasm denial such an .. heated topic.


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