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Hi everyone, I am back from my mini-break with family and shall continue blogging in my usual fashion soon. For now please stick with me while I write a quick blog post. Sadly real-life has somewhat conspired against me, and I am struggling to find a good topic that I can write about in a short time. Hence the following: you are stuck with this weekly blog-post being rather freestyle and me rambling on a bit about the various things that keep me busy and hopefully next week I can write more insightful musings.

With regards to my blog, I have a great question for you readers (I know you are out there, after all I do have site stats 😉 ); what kind of thing would you like to know more about or would you like to see me write about. I know from the search terms that my blog comes up often in terms of rubberdolls, banes, isolation, dollifications and picture of my posterior (really people?) *laughs*. So if there is something you like to know more about or perhaps like me to write more in-depth about, leave me a comment and I’ll see what I can do.



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