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What is protocol? If we look at the various definitions of protocol it quickly becomes clear that most definitions have to do with either rules or code of conducts. Even the lesser used definitions seems to indicate that protocol is something of prolonged significance. For example: “the first leaf glued to the rolls of papyrus and the notarial documents, on which the date was written“. So in short a protocol can be defined as a rule or code of formally correct behaviour describing how a certain activity should be performed, acted on or responded to.

Within the world of D/s, there is general etiquette, rituals and protocols. Before diving deeper in the my chosen subject, I want to write out the various difference between the main three. For a large part rituals and protocols are at least on some parts, as we will see intertwined, or at least share parts with each other. So how are ritual, protocol and etiquette defined?



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