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The mind is a wonderful thing that can easily be distracted. My mind in that sense is no different. It seems almost if I am focused on procrastination to the point where I have to choice. One of these interesting symptoms is that I actually tend to start to look for things that make my life rather much more easier. By looking for things to make myself more productive, I am waisting precious time that I can use for something entirely else.

Writing in this case is for me not an entirely different animal. Often I will spend time to look for word processors that have that one feature that I really want, or that I have discovered. So, also this week. As I have mentioned before; one of my favourite mobile writing tools is Jotterpad. Frankly if I could combine Jotterpad and Abiword with a dash of vim thrown in in, I would probably, at least for me, have the most perfect writing environment. Well until I find a new feature that is.

One of the new features I found in Jotterpad this week (much thanks to the fact of joining the beta testing group) is what is commonly known as a typewriter mode. This means that your text will remain constant in the middle of the screen while that which you have written scrolls away to the top of the paper, reminiscent of the typewriters of old (I really still want a writing corner with a dedicated typewriter, even though I’d be horrid on it). Such is this desire that I just have spend the larger proportion of half an hour looking for other editors that do this, or failing that, how to make that happen within Abiword. Time that I could have used to write instead.

But, I need to get something of my chest tonight. And this time it has little to do with actually BDSM, or with Virtual worlds. It has all to do with the real world:

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