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Well good evening, It’s been a busy week, I shan’t go into any more detail then that to protect parts of my real life. However good things are abound and hopefully the path I am on will stay it’s course well and true for the time being. It’s both very exciting and I think I amazed myself with how much change I have gone through the last week

The problem is that, well not really a problem I suppose in that sense of the world. It has shifted my sleeping patterns about three hours towards a rather more normal time that most normal people expect to adhere. Much unreasonable, but I have been good and going to bed a lot earlier then I have been going for a long long while.

So, what is the problem you ask? Well it means I am also a lot more tired and worn out. So, here I am sitting and committing some words to paper only to find out that it is getting closer to my bedtime (or rather closer to the time that my head will meet my keyboard unexpectedly), and I have little to nothing to write about.

What about the questions you were going to answer. Part of it is that I have had very little time to spit through my logfiles and find them. My deepest apologies to Miss Mermaid who submitted four questions, I will come around to them.

Also – this year seems to be much quieter on the asking question front then last year. But so be it. Remember, you can still file your questions as much as you want, except Mara ~*winks*~

So …. for this week: Eleven Questions, one at a time. This week is part 1.

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