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I have been thinking what to blog about all week. As I mentioned I have started to keep better track on what I want to write about, so the pressure is a little bit off in that regard. But there remains a large difference between the words written down when the inspiration strikes me, and actually working them out in a full time blog.

The result of that is that I have been struggling a little bit with how to give one of my blogs form and shape, although thanks to various discussions today, it is getting a little bit closer to the point of where I can sit down and hash out the thoughts in my head into a worthy blog post.

So with that came the question if I am not going to write about my intended subject, what will I write about then instead. Luckily the rescue this week came by the way of one of Strawberry Signh’s blogging challenges, and having blogged rather a lot lately (if nothing else in word count, since I still keep rigorously to my one blog a week so far) I thought it would be a nice change of pace if I blogged about something a little bit lighter this week before diving back into some more serious content next week.

This blogging challenge is really a follow up from her “Why do I Blog?” challenge which was last year in April and in which I also participated.Gosh, how times does fly in a year! So the format is pretty much as per usual; Ten different questions, answered truthfully and to the best of my abilities.


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