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How does a year go past. On the success of the March blogger Q&A challenge in 2014, comes the much waited and long longed for sequel of 2015! Now with even more oomph (or something like that). Of course this technically means I have now also fulfilled my “one blog a week” directive. But do not worry my dear readers, I shall post faithfully at the usual time!

So here goes as per usual. Some of you all may know this already. Throughout the blogosphere, March is known as the question and answer month. I have run the March Q&A challenge for the last three years previous as well, so I think we are sticking with this. So, the rules:

So here’s the deal ….
You ask me a question and I’ll answer them.

So for a whole month long you get to quick-fire,
interrogate, cross examine me to your hearts content.

I’ll end this neatly .. on the 31st of March at midnight UTC.

In return, I promise I will answer all and any question you will ask me. Even if that answer is “none of your business”. And no don’t go asking where I live if you are not prepared for an answer like that or much in line.

Leave your question in my comments,
poke me within Second Life,


send me an email at lex (dot) berchot (a-t) googlemail (dot) com.

Hopefully until soon!
Stay safe and have fun!

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