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A bit sorry for myself …

I am going to warn you, straight up and simple. This is not going to be a happy blog, this is not going to be a blog about BDSM either. This is a blog where I possibly waffle a whole lot to get it off my chest.

If one thing would permeate my days at the moment, it is the constant feeling that I am tired. Not just tired because of lack of sleep because for the first time in a long time, I am actually heading of to bed well before my curfew. Yes I am early in bed (well early for me anyway).

While Mistress cheerily tries to convince me that change is a wonderful thing to have happen to me and that there are many opportunities … while I agree with that to some extent (okay, rather I can see where she is coming from); the fact that the house needs a lot of work, combined with the fact that I have still so much to unpack and missing all the stuff around me, makes that my energy is seeping faster away then sleep and relaxation can replenish.

At the same time, I feel incredible ungrateful. I have my own, my first own house and while it needs work, I am pretty sure I am not moving away any time soon. So I have time to make things work for me and save up and get it all sorted. Plus that kind of money is not really thrown away. I will get it back in the long run if/when I sell this house. Still, at the moment it is all rather overwhelming.

But .. right ….

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Good evening my dear readers. Well what a week it has been. Last Sunday, hot on the heels of my second instalment, I went out to a party and immediately picked up a nice flu bug going around.

Result is that I have been house bound most of the week and not even in the good kind of way, no rope was involved. I could almost pout and sulk about it, but I shall not. And while I have popping painkiller much like a demented film star in Hollywood, the cold and flu are slow in shifting.

Obviously when you have a cold, one should not go out to a party, albeit I did. Sadly one of these things that I really could not get out of and I thought that as long as I pop myself full of painkillers I should be able to handle it, after all I had been fever free all day. Well that turned out to be a mistake. It hit me with a double whammy when I got home that evening. So that is a lesson learned for next time. Sorry Mistress, I will not do it again.

As for today’s blog, I promised the third part of my ongoing series about dehumanisation and whether that can be a path to submission. In today’s blog I want to go a bit deeper in what the possibilities are and how you can make things work for you.

Added to that I will take a look at what the differences are between a digital version of dehumanisation and reality. And how real is engaging in this kind of play in a digital world. What are the repercussions, and what are the ethics of this kind of play? And to top it off I will answer the question that is the title.

It’s been a lot of fun and a little bit stressful writing this deeply about a subject and I still feel that I have left out a lot. However I hope that these blogs will give you at least a little bit of a better understanding about dehumanisation and depersonalisation and what the possibilities are.


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So, probably next week I plan to have several pictures up from new outfits that I have bought recently. It is a bit harder since one of my favourite photo-post editing sites has gone up in flames back in April or so. Basically they got bought out by Google and Google said sorry, but no cheese for you. Why is this important? It is not really, there are plenty of tools available even on my computer who should be capable of doing the same job. Just that the site managed to pack them somewhat easier for me to comprehend.

So while I have a long list of topics to potentially write about, there was little in my list that entirely grabbed my attention. So while I thought to write a bit freestyle again, I also came to the conclusion that I haven’t wrote much about BDSM the last few weeks, well excluding my story. So perhaps I should start rambling about this topic instead. Last time I seemed to have decent results with that.

This idea was inspired partly by a friend of mine in-world who showed me a picture of a pet-store where he had a look at the various implements that were on sale. Which made me muse about how much things there are in our daily life that we can use to enhance play with. So hence the topic, perverting the house … and seeing what you already have on hand that can be used to play with…..


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