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Well well well, it has been a funny old year. But yes it is March again. And this time it has really snug up on me as well. Time does fly.

As many who read my blog will know, this year, was steeped in upheaval. With a new job, losing our house in SL, and me stepping away from my Mistress after she has been gone for over a year from our virtual world. Still no trace.

In the mean time, I have started on answering a question posted by the Lady Gotham, a while back. But a very busy weekend (work, not kink related), meant that I never got any time to sit down and write. Still I wanted to quickly put this post up to announce that, of course, I will be opening my blog and participate in the March blogger challenge.

So what is this all about? Some of you all may know this already. Throughout the blogosphere, March is known as the question and answer month. I have run the March Q&A challenge for the last four years previous as well, so I think we are sticking with this.

So, the rules:

So here’s the deal ….
You ask me a question and I’ll answer them.

So for a whole month long you get to quick-fire,
interrogate, cross examine me to your hearts content.

I’ll end this neatly .. on the 31st of March at midnight UTC.

In return, I promise I will answer all and any question you will ask me. Even if that answer is “none of your business”. And no don’t go asking where I live if you are not prepared for an answer like that or much in line.

Leave your question in my comments,
poke me within Second Life,


send me an email at lex (dot) berchot (a-t) googlemail (dot) com.

Hopefully until soon!
Stay safe, ask questions, and have fun!

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Well this is a bit later then expected, and I am struggling even now to get it finished. The last two nights – and really most of the weekend – I have not really been sleeping well. Nothing like it used to be where I am up all night, although with my current sleep schedule it may have just as well been that. This sadly meant that I have neglected my blogging by and large because I have severely lacked the energy.

On the slightly more positive side, after being nagged by friends, I have actually given in and went to see a doctor about my cough. The result is that I am currently on antibiotics, and had an x-ray made to see what is causing it. Time (probably next week at the earliest) will tell what the results are from that.

However I did not want to let this week go by without having written a blog. Something in the last two days have made me think about a third topic and some folks might not find pleasant to hear, but I think it is a subject that perhaps I do need to write about. That subject is on engaging with dominants – especially those with nefarious motives or those that are less willing to listen to negotiation, or frankly are willing to bypass your needs and wants immediately.

However, I am nothing if not stubborn. So I am going to do a little bit of a cop out and publish the second part of the  the next twenty questions that I had planned for a later date. However in the second part there are some questions that I give me pause. I think I have to draw somewhere the line between being honest and at least to some degree preserve a certain amount of decorum.

So let’s see..


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Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all have had a wonderful holidays.  I had a lovely time on holiday and feel actually quite exhausted and in dire need of a week of solitary confinement. Going away is lovely and it was great to see my family and it was the visit that by and large went as I dreamt it would have gone (no dream like that is ever perfect). Still, it is good to be home, and sleep in my own bed and have my own things around me.

As you all may noticed I did not exactly keep my promise on taking a break. Mostly because some of the writings seem to come when I was relaxing and I liked the idea of writing. Regardless, I got my 52 blogs in a year in, so i am pretty happy about that all in all. Some of the numbers: The blog was viewed a total of 45,000 times (as bit less then last year with 55,000 views). However the biggest post was on the 4th of December, which was viewed 827 times. This in contrast with best post last year that was viewed 327 times.

There have been a few very interesting questions coming in both on this blog and on the subbie union one: Both which I will address here in time (read sooner rather than later). The first is a very interesting question by Lady Gotham, who asked me to write about the gender point of view in relation to submission. This question came in response to the blog that I wrote in the third person by the request of another dominant. So that is a seriously deep and good question and I am looking forward to getting my teeth in that.

The other question is very much more pertaining to the virtual world of Second Life and the way the restraints are working there, so that will also be a good chance to write something about the differences between that world and the virtual. I love it when there are in-depth reactions to blog that I can get my teeth in.

As for the start of this year. After all I originally said I wouldn’t really start until next week, I am going to do one of these umpteenth questions so that you know what kind of deviant I really am. Now (as an after edit), this is a list of a hundred questions. Which I will never ever get done in a single night.

So for tonight – I am going to publish the first 20 one and consider this a sort of part 1 of 5. I hope you enjoy! (more…)

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My plans today for writing got pretty much scuppered and for this you can thank the weather. It has been absolute gorgeous spring weather around here which much meant that my mind has been on other things.

Add to this having to run into town to get my phone sorted – this meant that most of my time today that I had originally planned to devote to writing was gone faster then I could tell a really bad pun.

So last week blog was very well received with some comments that asked me to pay more attention at specific parts of the BDSM culture. I have already planned to do that next week. But this week I wanted to finish the second part of the common questions about BDSM.

This week has another 9 questions (I thought there were ten, but apparently I totally forget to count when it gets past midnight). And interestingly enough the seemed to rather flow into one another as you will see. Perhaps the last question is a little bit out of sorts but with the time looming onwards (I am really not used to staying up past twelve o’clock these days); to move things around will probably mean that I have to rewrite a large part of my blog. So you have to live with this

In the mean time my answers to nine more common questions about BDSM!

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I wish I could say I have better news but the late hour of the day combined with still not being used to my new schedule, especially what writing concerns means I have not yet gotten around to doing the march questions. It will happen, probably by march 2016 if my current writing endeavours are something to go by.

As the more observant reader may have reasoned, I am currently struggling with writing a lot more then last year. I have touched upon this on my blog, it’s by far neither a common occurrence for me to talk about this either.

All I am saying about this, is that my reluctance in writing is on par with my Mistress being absent in SL. It is not something I have touched upon earlier (yay, recurring team established in my blog). But unlike last year this seems to be harder as the time period where I have no contact at all, seems to have grown larger then ever before. And, in all fairness, I do not think I am taking it all that well.

I know there are people who think I should be calling it quits already. The truth of the matter is simply that I have always maintained that due to the length of our relationships I should give an equal length of time before making any decisions. And with that in mind, I have long decided that I would give her a year. After nearly 6 years being hers, the larger portion of my Second Life and all that she has done for me, both in Second Life and Real Life, I think I at least owe her that much.

But I will apart from this not dwell on this and try to get at least some writing in. And to start this off, I had promised to travel down the road to start writing more about BDSM again. This is a promise I am going to try and keep.

So while tonight I am not going to delve into anything deep, I am going to give it a start with ten ‘starter’ questions. I found this on several blogs on tumblr and is aptly called “Ten common questions about BDSM”. A refresher course if you will, or for those new, an introduction.


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Well, let’s see how quickly I can throw an intro together. Why? Because I am once again writing my intro as the last bit before posting this blog as I decided to do the easier bits first. I know, it’s kind a cheating but sue me. this is possibly going to be really the shortest intro yet but I am already more then an hour over my intended bed time and my body is letting me know it’s demanding sleep.

We have this annoying tick (or ticks in the family) first restless legs, then hiccups .. both have come and gone and at the moment my head is starting to pound like crazy. Clearly in the space of a week my clock has adapted at least somewhat to the new rhytm of being up, early. I won’t say bright.

Other than that, please remember there are still a few days of March left and next week blogs I will at least answer some of the questions that people have asked me. So if you have any more questions, always wanted to ask me something, now is the time to do it!

This weeks blog is the remainder of the “going deeper questionnaire” although I had to delete one question that was so, well sadistic and hypothetical that I could not, did not want to answer it. I mean asking a question about which life is more important. What kind of person asks these things, so you won’t find the answer here, with that said ..

let’s kick this thing off!!


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Well good evening, It’s been a busy week, I shan’t go into any more detail then that to protect parts of my real life. However good things are abound and hopefully the path I am on will stay it’s course well and true for the time being. It’s both very exciting and I think I amazed myself with how much change I have gone through the last week

The problem is that, well not really a problem I suppose in that sense of the world. It has shifted my sleeping patterns about three hours towards a rather more normal time that most normal people expect to adhere. Much unreasonable, but I have been good and going to bed a lot earlier then I have been going for a long long while.

So, what is the problem you ask? Well it means I am also a lot more tired and worn out. So, here I am sitting and committing some words to paper only to find out that it is getting closer to my bedtime (or rather closer to the time that my head will meet my keyboard unexpectedly), and I have little to nothing to write about.

What about the questions you were going to answer. Part of it is that I have had very little time to spit through my logfiles and find them. My deepest apologies to Miss Mermaid who submitted four questions, I will come around to them.

Also – this year seems to be much quieter on the asking question front then last year. But so be it. Remember, you can still file your questions as much as you want, except Mara ~*winks*~

So …. for this week: Eleven Questions, one at a time. This week is part 1.

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